That's me!!! My name is Zulay . I am a 33 year old working mom. I have three beautiful children that we lovingly call our "Terror Squad". One day after a really hectic day, my sister(you can find her great blog here: FUN.FIT.CHIC.) noticed that my status updates on Facebook were really entertaining and she commented that alot of people enjoyed them so she suggested that I start a blog, so like my sister is hardly ever wrong (don't tell her I said that)I decided to look into it and I started this blog. I began it as just a way to write about my thoughts on Motherhood and just somethings I was feeling that I never heard anyone talk about, but it's just become so much more that that. I have rediscovered my love of writing and I have met and formed great relationships that I hope to continue. I hope you guys enjoy this journey and continue to follow us. Here are some fun facts about me:
That's my husband, we met when I was 14, and he was 15 years old. We have been together ever since! He is truly my best friend. He is the only person that can make me want to pull out my  hair and the only one that can make me laugh till I pee my pants! He adds to my life in so many ways, I am a better person for knowing him. Many people ask me how do we make it work, and how have we lasted so long. I often tell people I DON'T KNOW! Every relationship is different, all I know is it takes work, you have to be willing to make the effort, it ain't always roses!!! You have to be able to take the bad and the good.

A few years after we got married we welcomed the first member of the terror squad into our world.
She is five years old now and all a lil' woman. She is so imaginative and full of life. I can't wait to see what she will say next. She is constantly surprising us. She has her father's confidence and my sarcasm!!! I love hearing her create stories and songs and just being a kid!

Then came our surprise! We weren't expecting to be expecting at this time but life is full of surprises and she has been the best one thus far!!! She is three now and beginning school and not a happy camper! Everyday she fights to stay home and every afternoon she bombards me with stories of all the fun she had in school and all the friends that she has made!!! The "force" is strong with this one!!! She has me wrapped around her little finger, she bats those big eyes of hers and I do her bidding. I just can't help it!!!

And when you thought this was the end of us.... Here comes "Lil Man" to round off the Terror Squad!!!

He is the newest edition to our bunch... and the last!!! His pregnancy was very hard on me but in the end of course well worth it!!! He is almost 6 months now and you can see his unique personality coming through. He is such a good and happy baby and I can't wait to see what awaits us with him!!!

So there you have it, this is us!!! I have been told that my life is a cross between the shows "King of Queens" and "Everyone Loves Raymond". We are a crazy bunch, but I would not have it any other way! This blog helps me navigate with all those feelings that moms have about trying to balance it all. Motherhood, parenting it's a hard job there is no manual, no set of instructions that fits everyone, we just sometimes have to learn as we go! I still haven't figured things out, and who is to say I will ever figure it out, but I bet it will be an interesting ride!

Thank you again for taking part in this great experience, I hope I have made you guys laugh, think and if I have made you cry I am sorry but hey it's all in a days work!!!