Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April Madness

Forget March Madness...I have been in April Madness! Thank god we are starting May. Between both my daughter's birthday parties, a baptism and construction going on in my apartment I about lost it this month.

But I have to take time to count my blessings I have have two beautiful little girls and a wonderful family behind me. I must say that even though its so much work, party planning for kids parties is so fun for me! I absolutely love it!

The month began with Layla's birthday this year she turned three years old and I just wanted to either take her out or cut her a cake with her cousins who live above us. Layla on the other hand had other ideas. It began one day with a simple conversation that my husband and I were having about what to do for her birthday when all of a sudden she comes out of the room and declares "I want a Toy Story 3 Party", that simple sentence turned a cutting of a simple birthday cake into a full blown party planned solely by Miss Layla. She would come up with ideas and tell me what she wanted, she wanted a buzz light year cake, with pink frosting, she wanted streamers and she wanted to play games! How can I deny her that! So off we went to plan her Toy Story 3 birthday party, all with buzz cake, and a toy story cupcake tower. All the effort was worth it when that morning she saw her house decked out in decorations she goes "wow mom you got everything right!"

Once we got one birthday out the way it was in full birthday party mode for Ava's birthday. Now all birthday's are important but Ava turned one this year and she got baptized, so this was going to be a party that the whole family would be invited to! In the mist of party planning my in-laws come to town and decide it's time to re-do our bathroom. ONE WEEK!before our party my house becomes a construction site, dust and materials everywhere and I just about to hang myself! At the end of the day we have a beautiful bathroom and Ava had a beautiful 1st birthday and baptism. We decided to do it princess theme and I always it find it fun to do crafts with the kids so for this party I had the girls make tiaras and the boys make swords. I think the crafts were more of a hit with the adults than with the kids! It was fun seeing the parents get in with the kids and helping there tiara or sword be a work of art. LOL!

My blog this time around doesn't really have a moral to it or any rhyme or reason, I just wanted to update you guys on my happenings for the month of April. But soemthing did happen to me this April that made me realize that sometimes the simplest things are worth so much more. We had Ava's party booked at this big center and I wanted to do it up so big like I did Layla's 1st birthday and then the center canceled all parties and not being able to afford another center I decided to host the party at our house, this meant scaling down the party to something a bit more intimate and like I had expressed in my last blog I had struggled with my feelings about not giving Ava all that Layla had enjoyed, but at the end of the day it was wonderful. We were there with our closest friends and family and I could have not asked for anything more! We are truly blessed and I must say I am truly happy!

Here are a few party planning tips for the busy mom:
In list the help of friends! You can't believe how many people are willing to help if you just ask!

I love crafts and they are not that expensive and so much fun for the kids they love making things. I buy my crafts at oriental trading.

As a busy mother I really don't have time to hit the stores so for decorations I often just buy my things online. I love Party City website they have everything you need for any theme and at affordable prices.

99 cents stores are a dream! You can find everything and anything in them at affordable prices. I usually buy my cups and plates there and also buy small cups when you are dealing with children if you buy big cups they tend to fill them up you get more spills and they never drink it all and your beverage supply will go to waste!

Last but not least is remember it's about them no matter how big or small it's there birthday and they will love whatever you do!

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