Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ear infections, sore throats and Headaches!

Its raining outside on this Tuesday morning and all I can think about is my baby girl Ava. This past Friday she woke up with a temperature of 102 so I quickly took her to the doctors for her pediatrician to tell me that once again she had an ear infection but now it was in both ears and she had a sore throat! Now since about December of last year this is my 5th time taking my daughter in and the doctor telling me that she has an ear infection now the doctor always follows this statement with "There are two types of kids those who just get chronic infections and those that get chronic infections but need to see a specialist" Well lady I want to see a specialist! This is where warrior mom comes out and doctors get offended.

I know that as mothers and I know myself, I tend to overreact when it comes to my kids. But there is such a thing as mothers intitution and you know when something is wrong with your child and I am a firm believer that sometimes we tend to rely on doctors a little to much we don't listen to ourselves enough and sometimes the only ones that suffer are our children. Ava's doctor preceded to tell me that we should give it  two more months and if in that time she gets another ear infection that she will refer me to a specialist to see if she needs to get tubes or something in her ear to help drain out her ears. Now I left the doctors office that day feeling a bit helpless. Here I am with my child going home once again to antibotics and waiting! Well those who know me, know I just don't take things laying down especially when it comes to my kids!

I understand all the doctor was telling me but I just don't see how it is normal that in a span of less than six months a child has 5 ear infections, sore throats and fevers that go as high as 103. I mean come on I am not waiting 2 months I am calling a specialist myself and getting Ava checked out. Some people don't like hurting or "going behind a doctors back" but you know what this is my child and I am the one waking up countless nights tending to her because she is feverish and something hurts her. I feel something maybe wrong with her, not only the ear infections but also when I call for her it does take some time for her to respond to me and I noticed that loud noises make her uncomfortable and sometimes make her cry. Now I know that a yell may make her cry just out of fright and I know kids this age tend to ignore you because they are busy exploring but all of this on top of the ear infections sends a red flag to me that something maybe wrong. Now I hope that I am wrong! I hope she is a perfectly fine 1 year old toddler but I just can't wait 2 months to find out.

I recently interviewed a mother for this blog (you will see the interview tomorrow) and her child is autistic and she mentioned that when he was younger she felt he was different and she acted on that feeling and got him help right away. I think this is a very important lesson as parents that we need to learn and follow. Doctors and everyone else can give their opinions, their advice but you know your child and if you strongly feel like there is more that needs to be done, then I say do it! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise even if its a doctor. Now don't get me wrong, my daughters doctor is great she has been on point since the very beginning and she came highly recommended but I know in this day and age with all the insurance red tape that there are procedures that need to be followed and that sometimes it's just like she said some kids just get ear infections a lot but in this case I feel like I need to intervene and like she is my child I will, and like I said I hope that I am overreacting!

I will keep you guys posted on Ava as soon as I get some answers! In the meantime don't miss my new feature on this blog that will premiere tomorrow called "Mommy Spotlight" if you know any mother that you would like me to interview and feature on this blog please email me zlopezf@gmail.com. Also come back and visit on Friday when we have another edition of "Titi Lissa's Corner", lets see how she survived a whole day with my little ladies! Big things are happening to my little peace of cyberspace real estate and I am loving every minute of it I hope you guys enjoy too!

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  1. I am someone who doesn't have any patience and I like to get answers on importnat matters, fast. So I know how you feel. You are doing the right thing by taking matters into your own hands so that you can have peace of mind. Mom's sometimes are doctors because you have that God given Mommy intuition.