Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Mi Viejo"... My Dad... "My Old Man"

That's my dad!!!! and that's little old me! I felt compelled to write about my father today because I had a ten minute phone conversation with him this morning and I had not spoken to him in a few days! Yesterday I was just telling my husband I need to call Dad tomorrow and boom he calls me!!! Funny how things work out! 

In this ten minute conversation I realized my dad hasn't changed one bit and that's what I secretly love about him! I told him that I had earned an 84% on my first test in my medical terminology class and he responded "that's a good start" no "Zulay que bueno"  just that's a good start! Now don't get me wrong this doesn't bother me! I actually love that he pushes us to do better. My father always pushed education in our household and he always wanted us to be better, to do better to achieve what I now realize is what he knew we could do all along!

My father is the typical Puerto Rican patriarch! He is a man of a few words but he is proud, hardworking and extremely intelligent. These core values are what he instilled in his children. He has four and we four are four of the most different people you will ever meet but we are cut from the same cloth and we are intelligent, hardworking and may I say damn AWESOME!!! My father leads by example! He knew that if we were to grow up to have a strong work ethic then he had to work hard and show us! So he worked everyday! I can't ever remember my father being sick or even complaining! He did what he had to do to take his family to the next level!

He taught us that things are not just handed to you that you have to work hard and make your way and grab what is yours what you want, what you deserve! He is a humble and proud man! Some of my fondest childhood memories was watching him get ready for a parent/teacher conference. He showed up to every single one, dressed well and ready to ask and answer any question posed by the teacher!

I don't know why all these thoughts rushed in my head as we spoke today! Maybe because I miss him, maybe because in the next year alot of major decisions in my life, my family's life will have to be made and talking to him puts things in perspective!

One thing I love about my father and I hope that I will remember to be like this with my girls is that he listens! He knows I am his daughter, and he loves me as his daughter, but he treats me as a peer! I can talk to him about everything, he never gets upset if I happen not to take his advice or he never says "I told you so" when something I have tried doesn't work out! He doesn't hold things against me! But he does give it to me like it is! He doesn't hold back and we may not always agree but when we disagree we are fine with each others opinions. He isn't judgmental!

My father worked hard all of his life to make sure his family was good and he laid the foundation for us to be who we are today! I admire him because he achieved his dreams and goals! Now that he is retired I see him enjoying his time! It took him a while to adjust he was so use to being on the go! Having his days planned! He still wakes up early like always and he makes his cup of coffee but now when I call him in the mornings he sounds more relaxed, at ease! 

I love you dad! That's all!


  1. I love that picture of you and your dad. You are all eyes. I love that he is a good listener. I hope I listen to my children too. Not all parents are good listeners.

    1. Yes i hope i am too! Thank you! I love that picture too! I have one of my daughter and him that is almost exact well except he has gray hair!!! Lol