Monday, July 9, 2012

The Shit My Husband Says...

For anyone that reads my blogs they know that I adore my husband... he is my best friend and he has always been there for me! Nevertheless we have our moments don't get me wrong... but this blog is not about one of those moments... 

Anyone that knows my husband knows he is a character and the things that come out his mouth sometimes is crazy!!! This weekend we had a quiet family weekend. I finished my class and headed home and he was having a bit of a moment with the girls! Anyway during the course of the day I began to make lunch and Layla said something or other that my husband found endearing... and he turns to me and said this:

"Zulay, thank you for giving me my girls, protecting them in your womb and releasing them in your vaginal tunnel of life"

ROTFL!!!   Of course I turn to him and repeat "Vaginal Tunnel of Life???" and he repeats as if clarifying. LOL I guess this his way of showing me his appreciation for our girls! I just felt like sharing that with all of you! My husband the man of the one liners! Life really can't get boring when you have someone dishing out words of wisdom like that...

On that note... I know I have been missing from the blog world for a little while but I have had alot on my plate and alot to think about in the past few weeks... but I really love this blog and everything that comes with it so I will start to begin coming back and posting more regularly. 

About a week ago I got my very first nasty comment, someone out there called me a very nasty name starting with a C and ending in T LOL you guys can figure out the rest! Now I know that when you put yourself out there like I have you have to be ready to face criticism and especially me, I mean I use my real names I show my girls, I don't hide. The reason I don't hide is because I started this blog because I was having all these weird emotions about parenting and about being a mother. At one point I felt I had made the wrong decision and this blog was my therapy a place where I could come let it all out and just be! What I found that in doing that I found a network of people who supported me and related to what I was writing and as I helped them they helped me so many times over! So I tried to say that the comment didn't effect me but I am only human of course its going to affect me even if it's just a thought that lingers! Regardless I feel that I have something to say... and one little comment is not going to stop me! So I guess the bright side of reading that rude comment was that it made me think and evaluate do I really want to continue my journey in this Blogsphere????

So thank you for all of your support even those that don't really like what I am doing! I realize I do this for me and if you guys like it I am happy but if you don't I still am going to do it!


  1. Seriously this picture of your husband with what he said is the FUNNIEST thing I read all day! I had to stop myself from laughing out loud because I would wake up my son.

    Agh, I had mean bloggers, I occasionally get the nasty remark and even had to change my settings so people couldn't post comments on my posts, but I realized that I am letting those mean bloggers ruin my joy of blogging and seriously who uses the C word! That is such a gross word to call sometime.

    1. Hey there! Yeah thanks for the kind words!!! Yes my husband he is a trip! I went over to your blog and I am loving it!!! See this makes it all worth it... the great people u meet along the way!