Monday, August 30, 2010

Rookie Mistakes

Today's blog entry is going to be a bit like my journal entries, so I apologize if it's all over the place. This week I made a huge rookie mistake, I was cutting my baby girls nails and she moved and I cut her skin. Now she didn't even cry not one tear, I on the other hand was a total wreck. How could I have cut my own child, and draw blood. I was so worried that I tramatized her in some way. Someday my child was going to write a tell all book about how she was not able to be a success because she had nightmares of nail clippers coming at her. I know, I know, I am overreacting. But it made me realize as parents we are not perfect. I am going to make mistakes and believe me my oldest is 2 years old and my baby is 4 months old and I have done tons of mistakes. They don't come with a manual. No one tells you exactly what is going to work, because every child is different, so what worked for your mom may not work for you. I barely can cut my own nails let alone the nails of a 4 month old who just discovered that she can roll over and rather have her fist in her mouth than have me hold it to cut her nails. I remember the first time I took my older daughter out to a family function to introduce her to my husband family. I packed the bag the night before I swore I had everything I needed. There I am with all my husbands Aunts staring at me, my child in the perfect outfit and it's time to change her and I not only had forgotten the wipes, I had forgotten the diapers. My daughter had to wear her older much bigger cousins diapers. I know my kids are really going to have alot of material for that tell all book. But hey I am a mom, mistakes are going to be made. You live and you learn. I know it's a corny motto, but it's the truth. There is no other way around it. With children it's a process of elimation. There like multiple choice test sometimes you have to cross out all the choices just to pick "none of the above". Alot of my blog entries main idea is that we are not perfect and we have to find our own way. Believe me I am the primary example of that. I am the first to say that there will be times that I "Modern Mom" will forget the diapers, I may lose my patience and scream once or twice, I may cut skin when I am cutting nails, my daughters ponytails may not always be perfect, but I love my children. I know I have their best interest at heart and though it may take a few tries for me to get it right, I eventually will get it right. Hopefully that tell all book won't have that much on how I once put the diaper on backwards. Hey I ain't perfect far from it.

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