Sunday, September 5, 2010

Seeing Everything again for the First time!!!!

Growing up I have distinct memories of going to the zoo, or the beach, playing pretend with a tent made of blankets and pillows, going to amusement parks and just having plain old fun. I never gave much thought to how these moments affected my parents, especially my mother. I never gave it the slightest thought that these moments would have such a deep meaning to my mother, the joy that it brings to see your child enjoying her or himself. This feeling is so profound that words really can't describe it, I mean I will try, but I don't think I can really capture it.

Now being a mother myself, the only way I can describe this feeling is seeing and experiencing things again for the first time. I try my hardest to make moments that my daughter will take with her through her life as I have taken through mine. Traditions are very important to me, my mother tried her hardest with what she had to make traditions for us, we were always surrounded by cousins, family, always up to something no matter how small. My greatest feeling now is seeing things through my daughters eyes, living life through her. Picking her first pumpkin, painting her first easter eggs, opening up her presents at christmas. These moments that I have lived many times over get a whole new meaning.

Yesterday I took my little lady to the central park zoo, you can't believe how overjoyed I was to see her experience this. We made our way to the childrens zoo and her eyes lit up. She named every animal in the zoo and then she actually fed a sheep. Can you believe it the daughter of the biggest scary cat out there actually put her hand so the sheep could eat the pebbles. I was amazed, not only was I here to witness this little person enjoying herself with this new experience but I got to see my daughter being much more braver than I ever was at that age. After lunch we moved on to the main part of the zoo, when we made our way into the penguin exhibit, the excitement that over took my daughter was out of this world. I am not sure if any of you have gone to the central park zoo but I recommend it, its a small zoo, really made for children and there penguin exhibit is great. They sit behind glass in a big pool and you get to see them diving and swimming. My daughter went bananas, take a picture mom she yelled, oh my god mommy like the tv, it's like the tv, she yelled with glee and amazament. This just made my heart melt. I have seen penguins many times but experiencing this with my daughter, I was filled with so much joy that I could not contain myself. I was snapping pictures and telling her look, look at this one, look at that one, and she pointed out the ones she liked too!!! I am always amazed at the feeling I get when I get to experinece something with my daughters, something that is new to them and very familiar to me. You start to see life through new eyes, through their eyes. Everything is fresh and new, everything has much more meaning because they are in it.

I need to also emphasis that moments don't have to be planned or cost money. The day to day moments that are experienced with your children are the ones that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. As modern mothers, I know that many of us between work and home really don't have time to do very much else. Sometimes we try to over do it. I know I am guilty of that. I have learned that my daughters just want my time. At the same time that I enjoy experiencing things with them and making memories, I have also realized that every moment big or small is a moment that they take with them forever. So if you don't have the time or the money to take them to the zoo, or out to pick a pumpkin or whatever it is, always remember all your kids want is you and whatever you are able to do with them is what they will cherish. I know this is true because my mother was not able to do all the things I have done with my daughter, but the moments I have shared with my mother are moments that will not trade for the world. She did what she could and I love her for it, my daughter will love me for what I can do and your child will love you for what you can do.

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  1. How sweet! I agree, you know I tend to over do everything. That's why my kid can't stay still now, from golf lessons, ballet & tap dance class to yoga class and soon tennis and swim lessons. I just want my kid to be able to say hey I did that. So keep it up lady the girls will love it no matter how small or big! :)