Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I want to apologize for not keeping up with my blog, it's been busy in my household. Not only have we been preparing for Halloween but we have also begun our potty training. I just want to say that this past weekend was a great weekend. I took my daughter to the Central Park Pumpkin Festival. Hint for those of you that are on a fixed income like most of us are and are trying to find ways to entertain your kids on a budget, let me tell you there are alot of events going on in the city that are fun and free. Central Park has tons of free events go to there website and sign up and you can even get emails alerting you of these events.
The Pumpkin festival was very nice though I do recommend to wait till your child is a bit older to go because there are long lines and crowds and though my two year old had fun she got wiped out pretty early and the festival had to be cut short, but for the most part she had fun picking out pumpkins for her, her little sister and cousins. I had to stop her at one point because I was by myself and there was no way I was going to be able to carry pumpkins for everyone. It's very important to me to do things with my daughters as much as I can because I feel like I hardly spend time with them because I am working and I try to have at least one activity that is just mommy, especially with my two year old. I want her to feel special even though we have to give alot more attention to the new baby. Anyway I recommend the Pumpkin Festival to anyone.
On Halloween we were really excited we craved our pumpkins, and got in our costumes. I was not allowed to call my daughter by her name she had to be called Buzz light year. Now I recommend that if you are going trick or treating, just go in your neighborhood and go with a group of other people, you are always good in numbers and your kids get entertained being with other children. So Buzz lighter year had a great time. She had so much fun that the next day she wanted to go trick or treating again.
On the potty training, it was a struggle but I finally did what I said I was going to do, on my day off I took away my daughters diapers and I left her in her underwear. By the days end she was going to the potty on her own. She picked it up fairly quickly though this had be a few times in the making. I recommend that when you do potty train your child please be consistant. This was my mistake, I never was with her. I would try to train her and not follow through. Also make it an event, celebrate when they are successful. They will love it and what to continue doing it just to get the celebration.

Well until the next blog, I promise I will not take that long to write the other one I have been really busy. I just decided to write about our weekend activities because this weekend was one for the books. Until the next adventure and I promise there is way more to come.

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