Tuesday, March 1, 2011


As I served dinner yesterday, my daughter calls out " mom I can't do it", referring to the huge spoonful of food she was trying to fit in her mouth. When I turned and told her "let me help you baby girl", she turned to me and responded "I NOT BABY, I BIG GIRL!" These words echoed in my head "I BIG GIRL". As I put them to sleep and sat in front of the TV relaxing I could not help but think of my daughters declaration of being a big girl. She is right next month she will be 3 years old and in September she will be going off to school! How time flies! I sat there for a while thinking on these past three years.

I remember wanting my daughter so much, I could not stand it, and learning there was a possibility that I would need help conceiving a child was devastating, then when she finally arrived my whole life changed, I was some one's mother! This thought over joyed me and horrified me! I, me, was responsible for another human life, this to me was a concept I was not completely prepared for, but took on full speed ahead. I must say my daughter gave me a run for my money, there were times that I wanted to wave the white flag and surrender. Wanting a child and being some one's mother are two totally different things. But as the days, turned to weeks, and the weeks to months, and the months to years I realized I was made to have this little person in my life. She is everything I could hope for.

I know she is only going to be three years old, but seeing how much she has grown and how full of life she is, how smart she is, she is a character. It got me thinking that every moment is special and important. Every moment must be remembered because one day she is gonna be just like I was and not want to hang out with her lame mother! OMG I can't even imagine that. All the times that I rolled my eyes at the thought of spending time with my family when I would have rather been hanging out with my friends, I am going to pay for all those times!

There is really no real point to this blog today, just the fact that as I sit here typing this, my little baby doesn't want to be called a baby. I sit here and I realize that she no matter how hard I try is growing up and fast, there is nothing I can do about this fact. There is no drug or magic potion u can give them to keep them this age, its life! I realize that in my eyes just as I can imagine the eyes of my own mother she will always be my little girl, she will always be my baby. I know I am a tad on the dramatic side, but reflecting on these past three years I just can't wait to be front and center for years to come.

Wow what a declaration from a three year old can do to someone is amazing! I wonder what she will say tonight!


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