Friday, June 3, 2011


Hey there everyone, I just finished a late lunch with my coworker and I decided to go to Barnes and Noble to get my little ladies some new story books, because mommy is getting a bit tired of "Dora goes to the dentist" to my surprise instead of something for them I found something that would be enjoyed by parents all over the world the greatest book ever! Now the title of this book may be a bit shocking to many of you but to parents of small children is something we find ourselves thinking on a nightly basis! I recommend this book to all my parents out there for a nice laugh and take comfort in the fact that we all go through this! "Go the Fuck to Sleep" by Adam Mansback.

I guess this book hit home for me because in the Fernandez household we are having a battle for the bed and at this point, Layla Fernandez is winning. I tried my best to not allow this child in our bed, and I was doing good since she came home from the hospital she was in her crib, I never brought her in our bed. I did on many occasions fall asleep with her on top of me but that is for another day another blog, for the most part she slept in her crib. When she was about to turn 2 years old my mother bought her a Dora the Explorer toddler bed we decorated it and I let her put stickers on it and we got rid of her crib so that she can sleep in her "big girl bed" she was completely for it till it came time to sleep!

Now bedtime has became the vein of our existance, she will cry, fuss, throw herself on the floor, fall off the thing, everything and yet still we tried and tried. She does everything not to go to bed, she watches TV, she needs to go to the bathroom 100 trillion times, she wants milks and she is "scared" of the dark. I have to admit it was my fault there were nights I was so exhausted I would just pick her up and let her fall asleep between us and when she got older that she could just climb up on the bed herself she would, and now there is no way of getting her out of our bed. She has taken over, she takes up the whole bed, like a queen on her thrown!

She does everything in her power to not go to bed and to not sleep! She has banished my poor husband to the living room sofa because he can't take the constant kicking and complaining! People I beg of you I need help! OPERATION LAYLA BED TIME IS IN FULL EFFECT! I will keep you guys posted I think if we were able to conquer that was the war with her pacifier I think then maybe we have a chance to win this battle. I don't know if I am up for a fight though, am I wrong for giving in and just let her have her way and sleep in the bed and just fall asleep while when she wants. I just don't have the strength! I know I know I have to so this weekend it's on no more Miss nice mom! I am scared!


  1. HE-HE! I love the title of that book! It's hilarious and also not funny how Layla has dominated your bed and run your poor hubby out. Good luck this weekend. Don't be scared. This actually sounds like a job for that British nanny from ABC. Is that pudding Layla is feeding herself as she dozes off? I'm gonna go eat that Jell-O I made, now. I forgot about it until Layla just reminded me.

  2. Yes Louise that is Pudding that picture was actually taken last week after she spent the day watching Kung Fu Panda 2 but it's a perfect example of how she puts herself in the middle of the bed and falls asleep! Yeah I guess I do need Supernanny!