Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fundraiser for a great cause!

A Fundraiser for a great cause for mommies and babies.

As a modern mom and a Blogger, I enjoy being a resource for other parents.  When my sister approached me about interviewing her friend, a pediatric pulmonologist, I thought I could shed light on valuable information that can help a family in need.

First, a little about Blythedale Children’s Hospital:

Blythedale is the only independent free-standing children’s hospital in New York State. They care for children with a wide range of medical problems, resulting from injury or disease.  Many of the families that turn to Blythedale for help are referred from the neonatal or pediatric intensive care unit from acute care pediatric hospitals. Children are prepared to lead the most independent life possible and their caregivers are provided the tools help their children.  Many of the parents are also on Medicaid and in need of the attention the hospital provides their children.

I was given the opportunity to interview Agnes Banquet, MD to learn more about her unit and get some advice for you all.  Agnes Banquet studied at the University of the East Pediatric Residency and did her fellowship at the Westchester Medical Center. She is also an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at New York Medical College and certified by the American Board of Pediatrics in both Pediatrics and Pulmonology. It was a pleasure to interview her and provide some valuable information for the parents or parents to be who read my blog. 

Modern Mom: What is your role at Blythedale Chidren’s Hospital?
Dr. Banquet: I am one of the pediatric pulmonogists at the hospital, working under the department of pediatrics.

Modern Mom: What services does your department offer?
Dr. Banquet: The Department of Pediatrics offers a lot of services including dealing with feeding and growth issues, intensive rehab for trauma and orthopedic patients, caring for cancer patients on chemotheraphy and other complex patients with complicated needs. The main service I offer as a pulmonologist is taking care of ventilator dependent patients, trying to determine if I could wean them off of the ventilator and if not “weanable,” educating parents and families on how to take care of them, with all the technology that hey need to go home with.

Modern Mom: What do you think is different about Blythedale compared to other hospitals?
Dr. Banquet: Blythedale is a unique place since it is the only Acute Rehab facility in the whole tri-state area. It is not a chronic long-term facility. It gets referrals and patients from different acute care facilities from all over the northeast. The services that it offers are highly specific and specialized. People sometimes don’t understand that some patients, despite improving from the acute medical issues, are not quite ready yet to go home because of complicated needs, and Blythedale takes care of those issues.

Modern Mom: What kind of advice do you have for parents with sick children?
Dr. Banquet: The best advice that I always give parents of sick children is to be very patient and supportive of their kids. I find that children with good family support heat better in all aspects. I understand, patience can be difficult when you are caring for your child and taking care of other aspects of life but that’s where medical professionals and hospitals like Blythedale can help provide the support. Never be afraid to ask your doctors questions about your child’s health.

Blythedale Children’s Hospital accepts donations. Two-thirds of the families who turn to Blythedale for their medical needs are dependent on Medicaid. Philanthropy helps fill the gaps that reimbursements do not pay for.  Agnes Banquest, Titi Lissa and six other Zumba instructors from Z8 Fitness ( are hosting a Zumbathon on Saturday at 3:30pm (doors open at 3pm) for the hospital.

To participate in the event and donate visit their website and go to the events page. You can also show up at the Zumba class and pay in person. The price at the door is $30 and its going to a worthy cause.  YOUR HEALTH AND A CHILD’S health.

So come down, work on your fitness, and help the hospital help families in need.

For more information, contact Z8fitness at or 646-389-3488

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