Saturday, June 11, 2011


Well everyone out there in blogasphere I am proud to report that it has been three days that Layla (my big lil lady) has been sleeping in her own bed! Well somewhat, I do break one of the rules and let her fall asleep in our bed and then once she is falls asleep I move her to her bed! Don't judge me! She won't go down in her own bed she just won't at least not for now and like all four of us sleep in one room it's kind of hard to get her to go to her bed when we are only three feet away in our big bed! So I have been following all the advice and being consistant and trying not to get mad when she wakes up three or four times a night to try and con her way to our bed! I am trying to provide a drama free enviroment and not get all worked up when she wakes up screaming and throwing a fit trying to make her case as to why she needs water, milk, the tv, the bathroom or the light on!

Two nights ago she woke up, and started complaining that she didn't have the quilt she needed to go to bed, mind you it's three in the morning and she has been asleep with her Dora quilt since about nine but that was not good for her, so when I informed her that her dad had the quilt she wanted and he was asleep on the sofa my daughter did what any true Lopez woman would do, she went for what was hers! LOL she climbed out of bed went to the living room in totally darkness and pulled on the quilt, waking up her father, when he asked what happened she proclaimed "daddy this is mines you didn't ask me for my quilt daddy, I want my quilt daddy!" In the darkness I hear a loud grunt and then I hear two little feet walking towards our bedroom I see her figure in the darkness and as she climbs back into bed (her bed) she says "mom can you help me, I got my quilt!" I could not believe that my husband let himself get got by a three year old! I tucked her in and she was back to sleep in about ten minutes!
I am really not getting much sleep these days, most of my nights my sleep is interrupted by waking up trying to get Layla back in her own bed, and now Ava is teething something awful so she interupts my sleep with screams! So I am a bit crankier than usual! But hey this is another milestone that my daughters are slowly but surely going to achieve! So hopefully the waking up during the night won't last too much longer she is liking her big girl bed more these days!

So pray for me people, so that I have the strength to stand up to a three year old at three in the morning when she is trying to rob me for my quilt!, because my husband was not so successful!

I came across Advice Mama and she has some good advice, I use her advice as a stepping stone and change it up here and there! Always remember moms do what works for you eventually your kids will get it!


  1. Too funny that Layla punked your husband for the quilt. lol. I'm hoping that your nights become normal with sleep again soon.

  2. Thanks yep! She just took it from him it took everything in me not to laugh out loud! This is my life at 3 am!