Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Family Weekend

Moments like this weekend are what I imagined and dreamt about when I began thinking of having children. Moments where you see the world through your children's eyes and take in things like it was the first time! This weekend we went to Camel Back Beach with the family, five adults and five kids! We had such a great time, the water park is located in PA and it's the perfect size not too big and a good amount of stuff for small kids. The food prices are of course a bit much but if you pack a cooler and some snacks you can get your hands stamp for re-entry and take the shuttles they provide back to your car and tailgate it! The parking lots are perfect for tailgating and their shuttles come on a regular so you will not be waiting long to get back to the park. The park was a good time. We had a great time and watching my girls interact with their cousins was great but the best surprise of the weekend was Layla venture into the pool!

Layla is a tricky kid! Sometimes she like the water and sometimes she screams and cries and just won't do it. I love the water so I try my hardest to get her to get in but I can't push her because I may scare her off for life! So I try little by little to get her in the water. July 4th weekend we went to a beach but the waves were a bit much for her liking and she was not having none of that! At the water park she did the kids pool and sprinkler area but never wanted her head to get wet or water in her eyes. The pools in the park started at three feet so she really couldn't touch the floor so she was not having that either. Just when I thought she would not like the water like I do. We went to the community pool where we were staying at. The perfect pool for a three year old that just doesn't trust the water. It has small steps and the water slowly rises from two feetto three feet so Layla was able to find her footing and she had such a great time with her cousins! I was so proud with her she even put her head in the water once!!! We have progress!
Its amazing when you see your child discover something new. You are so happy they have accomplished something even if its as little as her putting her head under water. Watching her interact with her cousins and them talking and playing together, I got sentimental they had their own conversations, they were playing, she is her own person and she likes her own things! She is growing up so fast! Wow I can't believe a visit to a pool could have been so profound! She conquered the water! She was afraid of it and she did it! I was so amazed I didn't even have to get in the water with her! She is growing up so fast. In September she starts school and I was worried she would have a hard time socializing with other kids and all those other concerns you think of when they are about to go off to school, but seeing her with her cousins and the other kids in the community, I realize she will be fine! Sometimes you just have to sit back and let your kid do what they going to do and sometimes they surprise the shit out of you!

This weekend was really nice. It was good to get away go up to the woods and be unplugged! It was relaxing and fun and a learning experience. I am happy to report Layla is not scared of the water anymore, I know that she will be fine, even if I am not on top of her at all times, and Ava got a taste of the water too! Sometimes a trip to the water park becomes more than just a trip to the water park. You see your kids different and you learn something new! Until our next weekend family trip!

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