Sunday, July 24, 2011


OK I know every mother has gone through this more than once! You are outside be it at the park or any other outdoor activity, and your child says they have to use the bathroom!! Of course no matter what you are doing,now your focus has to turn to finding a bathroom before you child goes on themselves! I am realizing that those five words: MOM, I , HAVE, TO, PEE are scary!

You can never be sure that the bathroom you find will be up to your standards, I mean we do live in NY! Especially in our parks and beaches! I love New York, born and raised but one thing that I can't stand after I have become a parent is that NYC needs to do a better job at cleaning their public bathrooms at parks and beaches! It just boggles my mind that most of the bathrooms I have encountered this summer are so disgusting that all I want to do after we are done is go straight home and shower! Take this weekend for example, we were invited to a birthday party at St. Mary's Park. I packed up the troops and headed out to the park. After a run in the sprinklers, some juice, soda, and your birthday party favorites, Layla uttered the words I hate to hear: MOM, I, HAVE, TO, PEE, so we were off with my friend Sandy's help I found the nearest bathroom close to the sprinklers so right off the bat, the floor was all wet from the kids running in and out, there was no toilet paper in any of the stalls which to me is never a problem because I carry with wipes and of course every toilet was completely wet, so I set out to try and wipe down the seat as much as I could but even that was not helping so I decided to carry my child and command her to pee! My poor Layla butt in the air being commanded to pee, she just couldn't do it and I couldn't blame her so we were off back to join the party. Now I guess she was holding it or maybe she really didnt' have to go because she continued playing and going about her business but about an hour later she started complaining about a stomach ache. I asked again if she needed to use the bathroom to where she told me no. I was beginning to get concerned so I tried to see what other bathrooms in the area were available, I noticed a pizza shop on the corner so I figured if worse comes to worse I will take her there.
No sooner did I think that to myself when Layla utter the second most scariest five words I hate to hear:MOM, I, HAVE, TO, CACA! OMG really kid did you not see those bathrooms, but how do you tell a three year old to hold it till we get home it's just not possible. So we ventured to the corner pizza shop where we were told that you had to buy something in order to use the bathrooms, as I left my friends mother to negotiate for the bathroom, one of workers told me in Spanish that the bathroom was open so I just slipped by and took Layla to the bathroom which I must say was 100% cleaner than the public restroom so she was able to do her business in peace. Now why am I sharing this story to everyone, other than giving Layla material to give to her future therapist is that after much research online I have found out a few things and would like to share them with you.

When out in NYC with young kids remember, Starbucks and Barnes & Noble seem to have the best bathrooms and you don't need to buy anything to use them. Also did you know that any police station will allow you to use there restrooms! Just ask the person at the desk and they will show you were to go. I found a website called NY RESTROOM this is a helpful guide to let you know where there is a bathroom near you. Also most Toysrus stores are now Babiesrus stores as well and they have huge bathrooms with changing tables and privacy so that if you are a nursing mother can feed your baby with no  problems! I have found that all major department stores have bathroom the matter is just finding them, Target and Walmart usually have them located either by the entrance once you walk in or by the cash registers. I always carry with my wipes, to clean the seat and your child. If you happen to be at a park just remember it's a toss up I am not saying all NYC public bathrooms are nasty but just be cautious and be ready to clean up before you child goes and always bring your own toilet paper because you never know if they may have.

Hopefully Layla won't be so mad at me when in the future she sees that I told of her bowel movements to the world LOL!!!


  1. This makes me happy I have a son, lol. This happened to me recently when I was in my local Met supermarket. Luckily they had a restroom available which was amazingly cleaner than even my own bathroom!!! Hospitals, clinics, hair and nail salons are great places for bathrooms as well. Also all Old Navy's have restrooms within their fitting rooms, with the exception of the 34th street location, it's in the basement.

  2. Hey!!! I did not know that about Old Navy! My daughter does that to me everytime! Before we leave the house I ask her if she needs to go and I make her sit and try sometimes she does and sometimes she doesn't but no matter what she always has to go when we are out!!! Drives me nuts! LOL imagine in another year I will be looking for bathrooms for Ava as well oh god!!!!