Wednesday, July 13, 2011


OK, everyone I am a mother in dear need of some motherly advice!!! You see this precious little thing to the left of me, this beautiful little creature, this amazing little person that actually inspired this little blog of mines, well everyone SHE IS DRIVING ME TO DRINK!!! SHE IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!
Let me just say that by no means do I think she is a problem child or anything of that sort I understand that she is doing what most three year old's do and that is test their limits but good lord I just can't take it anymore!!! After a long work day the last thing I want to do is deal with a child that just refuses to listen, whines and now the new thing ultimate temper tantrums!!!!

OK problem #1 she will not take no for an answer! She will continue to ask for whatever it is that she wants no matter how many times I tell her no, be it a drink of soda, a toy, or whatever it is! Even when I ignore her which is what I was told to do she will continue! I timed her once she asked in repetition for soda for a full 10 minutes. This comes also with when she asks for something she wants it right away if not here comes the whining!!! 

Problem #2 Bedtime!!! I can't get her to go to bed no matter what I try and maybe OK I give in!!! but she won't go to bed sometimes its 11 and I am dying of sleep and she is still watching TV or complaining that its too dark or asking to go to the bathroom for the 15th time!!!!! The only way I can get her to go and stay in her bed is if I shut everything down and go to bed myself but how can I let a 3 year old run my house I should be allowed to stay up late and watch some TV don't I deserve that much!!!!
She stays up late and becomes the maniac that is to the picture on the right... LOL she is still so damn cute!!! anyway then in the mornings she gives me a hard time to wake up, to get her dressed, brush her teeth and comb her hair!!!One morning it got so bad that I sent her to her grandmothers house with a stinky mouth and hair looked out of control. Just because I just couldn't deal with getting everyone else ready and myself ready she was not being a team player! LOL 

Now this leads us to problem #3 the temper tantrums!!! Now kids get these all the time I know this! Layla got them every once in a while and I was able to handle them but I am noticing that they coming too close together you tell her no and BOOM HERE IT COMES!! full on head banging tantrum! I just don't know what to do! 
I tried the go to the room you are on punishment and it takes me longer to try to keep her still in her room than the actual punishment was supposed to last. I wonder why this all of a sudden is happening is it because she skipped the terrible two's and now is just doing it at three! Is it because of her little sister can my Layla be feeling jealousy! I just don't have the answers. I sometimes think that maybe it's that my husband and I are so different in our disciplining styles he is more patient and tries to talk to her and I must say he gives in to her and she is a "daddy's girl" so their relationship is very special but I just wish we would just pass this stage.

I am not asking for a perfect child, I love her imagination, her wit, and her personality, I just wish that sometimes she would take no for a no and bedtime for bedtime and that is it!!! I know who am I kidding but if anyone out there has any ideas for helping me get over the terrible three's please help me out!

Now I sound like the baby! I really am not complaining just to complain I geniunly feel like I maybe doing something wrong. Why does she just not listen to me. I understand that kids at her age act out but I feel like there maybe a disconnection in her testing me more than she tests her limits with her father. This is my concern because I do notice that she listens to her father more than she listens to me and I don't want her to feel like I am the one that is always laying down the law and daddy is for fun! I don't know how to be fun mom and at the same time regulate the rules! Why do I always have to be bad cop! I don't know it's been a rough couple of days, hopefully tonight it will be better stay tuned!


  1. arent kids wonderful... they make u feel like everything u do is wrong but u are definitely right in every little way... she is testing u absolutely!!! im a fun mom but sometimes the fun is over its time to regulate...

  2. Yes she is testing me!This to shall pass... this to shall pass I need to keep repeating that to myself!!! LOL But I think I may have to go for a drink soon!

  3. Hang in there.. As for the whole bedtime. I went thru something very similar with one of my twins. One thing I did that help a lil was I change her routine before bed. We started having Mommy & Abby time alone.. it was just for 10 to 15 Mins..Just they two of us. We would fine a rm to be in alone in and we sometime would or just cuddle. Then it was bath time, then it was bed/story time. Well when it came to story time I would pick a story that would reflect different type of behaviors.( An there are alot of good & funny book out) That help me, I feel to teach her that her behavior was not cool. Because she would be like Mami that lil girl or boy was not very nice to there Mommy.. Then I would turn the tables on her as much as u can on a child that young..An be like that right but why do behave like that with Mommy someimes. An many times I was surprise at what came out of my child@ that tender age. I used and still use our love of reading to help all three of my girls sometime understand what am trying to get to do or not do. Don’t if this very long & rambling comment will help u but hang in there don’t give in.. This stage shall pass and then u will be on to a new stage that will puzzle u even more. LOL
    Ooh an my girls (all 3) & my all time favorite
    book that help start many of conversion about behavior is: Today I Feel Silly H other MOODS That Make My Day by Jamie Lee Curties

  4. I was gonna suggest something like what you said about jealousy. I was thinking that maybe because both her parents are working during the day, the not going to sleep is her way of trying to spent more time with you. Hmm, who knows. Hopefully she will outgrow the terrible three's for your sanity. :-)

  5. It's not just your child, mine will be 4 this year and I still have this problem every night. He just began sleeping in his own bed about 2 months ago. We start out with a book, then I allow him to watch a little tv, Freshbeat Band or Wubbzy usually do the trick, then it's tv off! He gets up and says he's hungry and he has to use the bathroom and he needs to hug and kiss me goodnight. However, it's still a battle won and luckily, it wasn't a difficult transition. Good luck!!!

  6. Thanks!! I also no its somewhat my fault I really haven't put her on a schedule and i get home and I am tired as well so I really have to stick to what I say and put her on a routine because she is going to start school in september. Pray for me!