Saturday, August 13, 2011


I love watching movies!!! Having to narrow them down to three is like asking me which kid I love more... it just can't happen!!! LOL But the challenge says three films so here it goes:

1. "Some kind of Wonderful" I love this movie!!! This the ultimate 80's movie, you got the the popular girl, the rich kids, the cute boy and the tom girl!!!! You will not regret watching this movie, I have seen it so many times I know the words by heart!!!  " You break his heart I'll break your face" OMG how can you not love that!!!!

2. "The Untouchables" I love this movie!!! The cast is amazing!!! The movie is just done so well,  its full of action and suspense! There is a scene in a train station (I can't remember if its a bus station) the way that its shot! You have to see it! The story of Al Capone has been told before but the story of Elliot Ness and his team has never been told the way that it has in this movie!!!!

3."Better off Dead" I WANT MY TWO DOLLARS!!!! I love this movie!!!! You want an 80's movie don't look no further than this movie with John Cusack! Its so funny and heartwarming. I fell in love with John Cusack a love affair that lasted till I saw 2012... don't even get me started on that disaster! But I can always go back when he was in a great movie!!!

So there it is!!! My three movies, there were so many more movies I would have love to share with you, but I will be here for ever.

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