Thursday, August 11, 2011


DAY SIX- FIVE FOODS: I love me some food.

1. My mother's porkchops! I love me some chops. There is something about the way my mom makes them!!! I can eat like 4 in one sitting. I know I am greedy! But porkchops with yellow rice and beans.... it just makes my mouth water!!!

2. Another one of my moms, great dishes. Lasagna, puerto rican style. Those that have eaten "Italian" lasagna totally understand what I am saying. I guess maybe it's something of how they season the meat or something but my moms lasagna is amazing, and it's even better the day after!!!!

3. Chocolate Chip Cookies. I am not a big dessert person. I don't really eat ice cream and I don't really care for cake, but cookies are my downfall and specifically chocolate chip cookies! I love them with orange juice! Yes I know I don't dunk them in milk like everyone else, I dunk them in OJ!!! Don't knock it till you try it!

4. I love cereal!!!! I can have it all day if you let me. Its my go to food. Whenever I am craving something but can't really find it or put my finger on it, I eat cereal. I love Frosted Flakes, Golden Crispies, and Captain Crunch!!!! Without milk!!! Dry cereal is the way to go!!!

5. Anyone that knows me knows I am a creature of habit. I love Chinese food, and anytime we order or we are at a Chinese restaurant I order sesame seed chicken! I love it! I especially love it from this restaurant called Gold Lobster! They have the best combination of Spanish and Chinese food. So yummy!!!!

So there you have it my five foods! Now I am going to finish making dinner all of a sudden I am so hungry!

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