Thursday, August 4, 2011


I actually had a great night,  that I felt the need to share!!! I had the pleasure of experiencing one of the rare moments in motherhood, the kids both fell asleep at a decent hour!!! I know in my house that is a rare occasion, so here is a run down of my night!

She fell asleep around 8 o'clock after complaining about my story telling skills and proclaiming at the top of her lungs that daddy does it better!!!!

This one fell asleep after throwing a tantrum because I put her in her crib, so that I can take a shower without her trying to climb in the tub with me!!!

I spoke to her on the phone.... 
About blogging and other things!!! You can check her blog out at FUN.FIT.CHIC then I spoke to her...

More blogging chatter and just insane girl talk.... you can find her blog at LOUISE CAZLEY

Also spoke to my niece for a little while... she just learned to use the potty but like usually she is turning the hairs on her mothers head gray... LOL this little girl is a trip!

Then finally talked to her....

She doesn't have a blog she is just a great friend that just needed someone to talk to!!! That's what friends are for!!!

Then I watched STORAGE WARS

I do have to admit I love this show!!!

Then I decided to relax a bit but short while later he,

Asked for a massage!!!

LOL had a great night, kids were in bed, I got to talk on the phone without having to stop every few minutes and I got to spend some quality time with the husband who can ask for anything more!!! Now lets see if we can repeat this process tonight because I really need to do laundry!!! Its the little things I cherish and though I love spending time with my kids, it's good to just have a little quiet time where you can just watch TV, blog, talk on the phone and if you really have to massage your husbands feet!!! LOL


  1. I don't really talk on the phone too much anymore so it was nice to chit-chat about nothing. lol.

  2. Really you spoke to me and Olivia but I guess we are not all that important to mention in your blog. In the words of Hoho " I am mad".

  3. umm... Can you relax you getting a whole blog dedicated to you!!! I think that is fair!!