Saturday, August 6, 2011


My sister FUN.FIT.CHIC passed along a challenge that at first glance seemed pretty easy but as I sit here and try Day one of this Challenge of me, I am finding it a bit difficult to write simply about me, but I am determined to not only finish this challenge but to actually start it so here it goes:


1. I love the movie "ROAD HOUSE" with Patrick Swayze, I think I have seen it over 100 times and if it was on now I would watch it. No matter what part I catch it I am compelled to watch it again and again, and when his fellow bouncer or "cooler" gets killed I tear up.

2. I love dipping chocolate chip cookies in Tropicana orange juice. That's the only way I will eat them.

3. I melted my sister's dolls head when we were little because I tried to blow out her hair. LOL sorry FUN.FIT.CHIC.

4. I loved giving birth. Is that sick!!! Sorry ladies I know it was painful and crazy but I loved it everything about it!!!! Yes there were times I thought I was not gonna survive but I loved it.

5. I am scared of my own shadow. I am a scary cat. Everything literally scares me. If I am alone and hear a noise it can't be just the wind or something normal. I conjure things up in my head and scare myself!

6. I had an imaginary friend. I know I had a sister and I played with her all the time. But I also had a special friend. I can't remember her name but she was always there with me.

7.I peed on myself one time in High School. I was on my way home and as I got off the train I felt the need to go, I was three blocks from home and as I got closer to my house the feeling became more and more I was able to make it to the bathroom and I sat on the toilet and went just to realize I had sat on the lid of the toilet. I needed to go so bad I didn't even bother to look to see if the lid was up. I peed the lid, the floor, me, everything!

8. I can't hear anything if I am behind you or not looking at your mouth. I know I have to get that checked. But I have had my hearing checked and it's been fine. I think it's an attention thing. If I am not paying attention to you I can't hear you. Like if I am in the back sit of a car, I can't hear you because I am not in the center of the action. Does that make sense? Most of the times I wait for you to say my name before I start to listen. Call me completely into myself, but if it isn't about me, my mind shuts you off! LOL

9. I secretly love the mouse that has taken home in my kitchen, we haven't caught him yet! He is annoying, he eats Bosco ( my dog) food, he leaves his nasty dropping on my counter but I don't know what it is exactly, but I have seen him crawl into the dog's bowl and grab at his kibble and it makes me happy at least he is eating! I know it's sick, maybe it's the mom in me. I wish there was a way to catch him without hurting him.

10. I complain about my commute, I complain about the people, the buses, the trains, everything. But there is a moment when I sit in a seat, pop my headphones in, start my tunes, that I am completely with myself that makes it all worth it and I secretly love it! My best ideas have come from me sitting on a bus or train. For some reason it's when I can actually think clearly.

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  1. Tropicana with chocolate chip cookies. Nasty! How did you even figure this out?! Maybe I should try it before I knock it.