Friday, October 14, 2011

1st Teacher Complaint!


Well I guess it was bound to happen! I mean my child by no means is perfect!!! I mean I guess I just was not ready for it. OK! so this is how it went down: when my aunt went to pick up Layla from school like she always does, the teacher ushered her into the classroom to tell her that Layla had fallen and hit her side, like on her ribs, but that to let me know that it was not anyone elses fault but her own because she was told three times to stop running and jumping and she did not! So they showed my aunt where she hit herself and then continued to tell my aunt that sometimes Layla doesn't listen when she is told to stop running or jumping!!! O...M...G...!!!! I know I know, I know my child is too much sometimes but now in school really??? THE HORROR!!!! Someone else pointing out my child's flaws!

 I mean I can handle it, after all it's her teacher, and I know my child, she sometimes can't sit still, she gets too excited, her imagination runs wild! But how can I get her to understand that she has to follow the rules! Where is that damn Super Nanny when you need her! I maybe over reacting? (I mean, it's me lets not forget!) Is this a sign of behavioral problems down the rode? I guess I feel guilty because I feel like I should have a time out chair or a naughty corner or whatever. I mean even though I think my child will look at me like I am crazy if I put her on time out. I do discipline my child! I do tell her no and I do have rules in my house though come over at around 7pm and see who really runs the house:
Yep this little cutie can be found ruling over the Fernandez Home!
  I guess I just feel that if she is acting out at school it may look bad on me. That I somehow am not doing my job as her mother and as her parent.  I know that sounds vain but its true! Most of us see a unruly kid and we blame the parents. Structure and stability start in the home.  After I found out about this "dishonor" I had her father speak to her because she seems to listen more when he speaks!(go figure) and she did say that she would try and listen but then she told me the reason why she was running and jumping, in her little 3 year old voice she told me "Mom I try to stay still but my body has so much energy!" Now who really can argue with that! I think we got her to understand that in school there is a time to play and then a time to listen and to stay still and that her teacher would like her to listen . After all the talking I think what got her to understand the most was that I told her that if she kept acting like this she would not get a sticker at the end of class like she normally does. Now that, that my friends did it!
NOTE TO SELF:when dealing with a 3 year old don't over explain just tell her she won't get stickers!

I must say she is for the most part a well behaved child, she may not always listen but what 3 year old really listens all the time. What did I learn from our first teacher complaint: that even though I know I am not perfect, I do think my child is! Also when explaining things to your kids keep it simple and light! At the end of the day she is 3 years old. I think I sometimes expect alot from her and expect her to behave and act and just be a certain way. I have to lighten up myself. I have to let go of the notion of a perfect child, because who are we kidding I am not a perfect parent. I am pretty sure this won't be the last complaint!


  1. As the mother of a 3 year old, I totally agree, sometimes they are so smart and articulate that we expect more forgetting they are toddlers. They are at such a funny age, sometimes frustrating but more times fun. Keep these stories coming, so that I can know I am not the only crazy one.Lol

  2. Right! Use simple words for them to understand. I remember last time when we visit our parents-in-law. We used to use mosquito net whenever we sleep there. i remember saying to my daughter, get in quick here, and don't pull the mosquito net. And she was like: Where is the mosquito net? while her hands on it.

  3. I feel just like Layla. Sometimes I can't sit still!