Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So one of my favorite time of year is Halloween! I have always loved it, and when I thought of my future children I always thought of them getting all dressed up for Halloween!!!! So now finally having my girls, I always get a kick out of dressing them up in costumes and eating all the candy that they bring home!! (LOL yes well they can't eat it themselves!!!) Now that Layla expresses herself she can tell me what she wants to be for Halloween! Last year she wanted to be Buzz lightyear! I could not wait for what she was going to come up with this year! This year she proclaimed that she wanted to be a TOOTHFAIRY!!! Now, people she just didn't want to be any old generic fairy!!! She my friends wanted to be a TOOTHFAIRY!!! So being the super mom that I am,  I came up with the grand plan that if Layla was going to be a toothfairy then Ava was going to be a tooth! I searched on the Internet for a costume but I couldn't find one so I decided that this was going to be a DIY project and by DIY I mean call my lovely mother in law in Florida who is an awesome seamstress to sew me up a tooth costume! For Layla costume I would get a generic Fairy costume and then spice it up with some teeth pics or something and a wand and tiara and we were done!

Too easy right! Yep! as soon as the tooth costume for Ava came from Florida, Layla yet again proclaimed that she wanted to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!!! (Is she for real!!!) so we kind of talked her out of that one and we were back to the tooth fairy, I felt bad that poor Ava would be a tooth with no fairy! Then my lovely inventive daughter drops another bomb on me, now she wants to be a "scary skeleton" and she wants a party! Well I had decided long ago to just decorate the house for her and her little cousins and we would invite my niece and nephew over and just relax on Halloween so that we would not have to go out! Well my daughter decided after this weekend's trip to pick apples and pumpkins that she wants a bouncy castle that will fit her and her "guest" and she wants cake with pink frosting, and bags filled with candy and presents for her "guests" (PEOPLE SHE IS THREE) 

I guess the party planning gene is strong with this one! I had to explain to her that this really wasn't going to be a party and that there is no space in our living room for a bouncy castle! She agreed but she still wants a cake and the candy bags!! I say she drives a hard bargain!!! Now getting her to change her mind about being a "scary skeleton" was a little harder, I reminded her that she wanted to be a tooth fairy from the beginning and that the costume was already done! She agreed that because her sister was a tooth that she will be a tooth fairy but I had to agree to be a "scary skeleton"!!!

In my fantasy about having kids to play along with on Halloween, never did I imagine a three year old negotiating with me what costume I would wear! But this is my reality so for Halloween look out for the Fernandez girls: Ava as the tooth, Layla as the Toothfairy and mommy as the Scary Skeleton!!!

Now my child is happy, I guess that's all a mother can ask for! The last thing my daughter proclaimed yesterday was that she wanted her party to be HALLOWEENTASTIC!!! I can bet it will be!


  1. Awesome post. I can't wait to attend the party! I dont know what I will be.

  2. LOL thank you!!! I don't know how I will be a scary skeleton but I will try at least I will buy a mask but I think that would scare them!

  3. I can't wait to see the pictures!