Tuesday, November 8, 2011


And so it begins... The Ava did it excuse!!! I was wondering when Layla was going to catch on, that now she has someone, to blame things on. Well, finally the day has arrived! Something is missing, broken, written on, drooled on, something spilled, was eaten, thrown away, whatever the case AVA DID IT!!!! It's just that simple!!! No matter what happens in the Fernandez Household, Layla will turn to her father or I and say "AVA DID IT!!!", with out batting an eyelash! 

Now I try to let Layla know that you can't just go around blaming her sister, its just not fair, when she knows that alot of the things are either her own doing, or both are to blame but today in the morning I got slapped with evidence that my little beauty may not be so innocent after all and maybe Layla isn't exaggerating when she says: AVA DID IT!!!
  Now this balloon was given to Layla by her aunt and last night was full of air!! Now I heard Layla yelling a few times "Mom Ava has my balloon" to which I answered "Layla come on share with your sister"  So today before I left the house to go to work, Layla comes to me with said balloon in hand and asking what happened to my balloon. I tried to explain that balloons loose air, it happens, she turns to walk away, and then like a light bulb went off she turns back around and says "SEE AVA DID IT, THAT'S WHY I DON'T SHARE"

 Now look at this book I found a deal at target for these cute little bucks for a dollar!! and I brought 4 home! This one was Layla's favorite, because it's about a fish!!!! Well, after the balloon drama she comes out of the room with this in hand and says "YOU SEE LIKE MY BOOK MOMMA, AVA DID IT" Oh no, she had to show me that this is a pattern with Ava!!! 

OK so maybe Layla is on to something, maybe she is right when she says Ava did it. Ava is smaller and she is at that stage that everything either gets, thrown, ripped, or put in her mouth! She is exploring trying to find out what things do and how they work! I can't stop her from doing that! Now my question is how do I show Layla its OK to share with her sister and not be fearful that her stuff is going to get destroyed! I mean I have to teach her to share with Ava! Is it fair to expect Layla to share all her toys with her sister?  Also I can't have her going around blaming everything on Ava, I am pretty sure that the abstract mural that was drawn on our dining table was Layla but once again, blamed on Ava!!!!

For now I am just going to have to accept they are going to fight for toys, things will get broken, and they will blame each other! Its all part of having a sibling... right? I remember back when my mom use to put my sister's name on her stuff and my name on my stuff, I so hated that... but I wonder will I have to do that too? Ugh for now I am just going to sit back and watch them interact and I have to admit I get a warm fuzzy feeling when Layla yells "MOM, LOOK WHAT AVA DID" I wonder how long that will be funny...


  1. awwww!!! AVA DID IT! no she didn't she's a little angel! :) but i would be just as upset if i were Layla! NO SHARING MOM!!!!

  2. Well considering that Layla is your carbon copy, I don't know how you will teach her to share since YOU NEVER SHARED WITH ME!!!!!

  3. Well it all comes out clear now!!! don't put me on blast!!! I did share you were the one that would use up my toys and keep yours in good condition!!!!