Thursday, November 10, 2011


That is me... yep that's what I look like on most days!!! My hair pulled back into a bun!!! No real make up to speak of and my stylish glasses!!! That is the extend of my look and for the most part it gets me by!!! LOL When I feel like getting fancy I may put a part to the pulled back look but still the hair will go in a bun!!! If I am feeling extra adventures I may let my hair go wild and go oh natural with my curly look but most days the girl to the left is the girl you get!!! 
That my friends is the reason I dreaded having little girls!!! Though I love my girls and little girls in general, girls come with hair!!! My girls with alot of hair and as you can see from the above picture, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO HAIR!!!! As Layla hair grew I dreaded the idea of having to sit her down and do her hair!!! What the hell do I know about little girl hair when all i do to mines is comb through and brush it back to a bun!!! This year she started school so now I have to brush this kids hair every day!!! People, EVERYDAY!!!! I mean did I not just mention that 6 out of 7 days it's in a bun!!! on the seventh day like Jesus I rest!!! I may not even comb my hair!!! Like come on give me a break!!!

Now don't get me wrong. I can do a ponytail!!! I can do two ponytails!!! I can do a side ponytail and I can do braids!!!  See the pic to the right--->>>>>>>>
I can do those two ponytails so good that the parted line is almost permanent on Layla's head!!! POOR KID!!!

See this pic that side ponytail is not looking half bad!!!! But the thing is I go around other little girls and their heads of hair look amazing!!! They have zig-zags parts!!! Curly do's!!! Three or more ponytails at a time!!! Intertwined, connected and everything!!! Not one baby hair out of place!!!! How the hell can I compete with that!!! At what time do those mothers wake up to do those works of art!!! I can't part a zig-zag!!! Layla baby hair in the front always comes out!!! I started using mousse to see if I can control it but she leaves the house looking decent but after a day of running around she comes home looking crazy!!! To top it off she lets no one else comb her hair!! So my aunt can't even touch it up during the day because she will flip out!!!!

What do I do!!! I need to become an expert at this hair thing!!! I am beginning to get hair envy!!! What products do you guys use on your children's hair! What tips do you guys have for me on doing hair!!! Because as the first pic showed I am frump girl! So umm , I don't think Layla would appreciate me putting her hair in a bun anytime soon!!! I love my girls and they always look great but I am beginning to think I need something new other than a side pony and two ponytails!!! I need to get creative! I need zig-zag parts!!! 
My poor Ava, her hair is just getting her long hair coming in and all I can do is put a pretty clip on it!!! 
I need to be able to be an expert before she gets to school so I can knock the socks of everyone with my skills!!!


  1. aww your daughters are too cute. I have a son but he likes his hair "styled" too lol. Since we both have curly hair, I use SheaMoisture's coconut & hibiscus curl smoothie on both him and myself. It's essentially a leave in style conditioner. He loves it and loves the smell of it. It's organic so adults and children can use it :)

  2. I am going to try that!!! Thank you!

  3. Tell Glenda to teach you some nice styles hey she thought me with Mikayla.... good luck...

  4. Now Cousin Glenda knows how to do hair!!! I may have to just have her teach me!!!!

  5. Take her to Doris she always hooks liv up.

  6. my girls have the curliest hair in the world. heres a cool hairstyle its like a pizza pie. u divide the hair into 4 those 4 u split in 2 and u have 8 ponys looking like a pie. another easy one is divide the hair into 2 then those two u divide into 3 then u have 6 ponys 3 on each side going straight back. i dnt really use any products on the girls hair because i dnt wanna dry it out. i dnt do zig zags cuz im no good at it but i do make lots of lines in different directions so every line i make i just pick up n there goes a pony. then she ends up w like ten ponys. hope that helps

  7. Zig zags, braids with curls, diamond shaped braids...all on blanquitas too! What the...anyway, point being, I think this may be just the blog for you! Lol

    And here is another link from yahoo I found, but I think you'll love the pics on the banner of Princess Hair Styles. Learn that, Layla and Ava will be the envy of their school!!! Go mama!

  8. Me & you got the same look going on: bun, glasses, no make up.

    I don't know what I would do if I had a little girl - her hair would be cut into a ponytails for her. LOL

  9. OMG my cousin flat ironed her hair!!! LOL she was too excited!!!! LOL yeah my hair hardly ever gets let loose! MY friends hate it but its just too much trouble!