Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloweentastic Party Part 2

Well we survived Halloween 2011!!! I got the seal of approval from my Layla when she woke up the next morning and said her "party" was fantastic!!! Everyone loved their costume and we had such a great time! On Monday which was the real Halloween, we went with a group of my friends and their kids trick or treating in my old neighborhood. This is the second year we do this and it makes me feel so nostalagic! I look at my friends with their kids and I see us running around those same streets! We had such a great time and I just can't wait for next Halloween!!! Here are some pictures of our Halloween!

The tooth fairy

The tooth

The tooth fairy in action

The next generation!

They were done by the end of the night!

Even I got into the action
 Most of these pictures were taken by my friend Mel!

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