Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Three's a Crowd

So I made the ultimate parent mistake and now every night I am paying for it! I have written about this in the past on this blog post. But this issue keeps coming up and so I had to expand and elaborate because I just can't deal!!! I admit this is completely my fault. I guess it all started when she was a newborn. She was a very fussy baby, so there were alot of sleepless nights of me just holding her in my arms! I became a pro at holding her on to my chest and falling asleep without ever dropping her, don't ask me how but I did! Now once we got over that hurdle she took to her crib like a champ sleeping all night and she loved her crib and I just loved a good nights sleep!

Then it happened! She got a really bad throat infection a few months after she turned 1 year old and needed to be hospitalized. After two days in the hospital, and only being able to go to sleep holding my hand as I tried to sleep on that crazy convertible chair that they give you to sleep, she was attached to me again. Once we got home she would not sleep in the crib and I started giving in little by little, she would cry I would grab her let her fall asleep with me and then back to her crib. This began her total domination of our bed!!!

See that beautiful Dora the Explorer bed, this was a gift from her grandmother after we found out we were pregnant with Ava because well she was almost two years old and well we just could not fit two cribs in a room with our bed! (Oh we live in a one bedroom, yes that is four people in one room!!) She loved it the day we put it together and we dressed it for her, then it was done!!! Every night she cried and fussed and I had to put her back in her bed more times than I can count! But I stuck to it, if she woke up ten times, ten times she got put back in her bed!!! Yet nothing could make her stay in that thing! Then well Ava came and I was exhausted and she learned how to climb into our bed alone so now with a new born and a two year old who refuses to sleep in her bed I was out numbered and exhausted!!! So I, well, what can I say I gave in!!! She was allowed to sleep in our bed!!! And well she has not left!!! I can't get her out!

My husband gave in early on in this battle and most nights you can find him sleeping on the sofa! Layla and I sleep in our bed and Ava in her crib!!! I know there is something wrong with this picture but she is Houdini!! I don't even feel her anymore when she climbs into bed with me! And lets face it I am just too tired to keep waking up to move her! Its not even the fact that she sleeps in the bed but just the way she dominates the bed!!! She always falls asleep in the middle!!! And I always end up getting kicked in the head!!!

So now last night my husband decided to take back his side of the bed!!! Now there are three of us in this damn bed and I seem to be the one paying for it!!! I have had the worst night sleep in a while! I almost fell off the bed two times and I got kicked in the head more times than I can count!


She won't stay in her bed, she won't fall asleep in it, hell she won't even take a nap in it! It has become a storage for her stuffed animals! I am beginning to think I may have to try and fit in it myself so I can get a good nights sleep! I know it's all my fault but please how do i fix it!!! I am so tired! I just don't know what to do!

All I know that this will not be a mistake I repeat:


  1. We are going through this right now with our little girl. What we have been doing right now is putting her in her bed and either me or my husband will lay next to her on the floor until she goes to sleep (then we go back to our bed). It's working right now and hopefully we can get to a point where she can go to bed on her own. Good Luck!

  2. Thank you I am going to try that! Yesterday was better though she was in bed with us I guess I was so tired that I just got comfortable and fell asleep but I have to take action and stick with it!

  3. I'm sure it's not impossible to get Layla back in her bed. There might take a lot of sleepless nights for you and a lot of crying from Layla.... and maybe you too. lol. But if you stand your ground with her, she'll won't have a choice. But I know it's easier said than done because it can be exhausting. Ebbs solution sounds great too!

  4. Oh I know this story all too well! LOL

    My 5 year old sleeps in our bed. Oh he'll start off in his...sometime between 1 - 4 am, I have his foot, elbow or knee in my face.

    I don't even fight it anymore, I'm hoping he grows out of it soon...

  5. My daughter Donna was the best when it came to going to bed and staying there, then Devyn came along. Devyn is 3 and everynight she says I just want to kiss you or I just want to tell you something and miraculously she stays.
    I have asked her if she wants to be a big girl and she always says yes. About two weeks our cycle broke, she laid in her bed playing with her Mobigo and fell asleep there. The next morning I made a huge deal to her about being a big girl and staying in her bed. (She has the same bed as Layla.) She was so proud of herself. In between she has crept back into my but there are many nights that she stays in her bed. I will take it and Layla will find her way there too.