Monday, February 27, 2012


Well I don't know about the conquer part yet but.. HEY! a girl can dream!  On Sunday I did something I had never done before! I went to an audition for Listen to Your Mother NYC! Its a mother's day show, where you get to hear people's stories about anything to do with motherhood. You don't have to be mother to audition. It's a nationwide show, but it's the first time they are doing it here in NYC. Think the vagina monologues but about moms! I mean if you a mom and you want to talk about your vagina I guess that qualifies!! LOL I am off topic! So on Sunday afternoon I took my little self on the train and took the long ride into Manhattan for my audition. 

Now saying I was scared was an understatement! My poor husband must have heard my story about a 100 times! Poor Ava! The story is mostly about her so every time I said her name she would say back what! LOL. Layla didn't understand what was going on! Why you got to read mom? She would ask me! Why Ava lost her socks! Ugh I swear I was a ball of nerves. I got to the audition really early and I met this Return to work mom   She was there for the audition as well! She said she was nervous but she didn't look it! She actually was so warm and funny that she put me at ease. She even let me go in front of her when they made a mix up on the schedule! So I went in I read, they laughed when I thought they should laugh and they sent me on my way! Now I don't know if I have made it. But really it ain't even about that at this point I did something  I never have even thought of! To top things off I actually went through with it! I didn't psych myself out. I didn't let my fear stop me like it usually does! So for that I am so grateful for the experience I left out there with a little pep in my step and felt like I had conquered the world!

OK so that was my Sunday! But see like I had said earlier this was the weekend of New Beginnings! So on Saturday I started school again! Yes this mommy is a student now! 
My big Bulky text book!
 My first course for this program is Medical terminology and people was I in for it! So much to remember, I have a test next Saturday and the following Saturday a Midterm. It's a once a week class so I get it! But after not being in school for so long it was a bit exhausting! I left feeling like what the hell was I thinking I am looking at words that look like: OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGY! Yeah doesn't look so easy now! LOL But I know at the end it will be all worth it! Like I said before I can't look at it as giving up my Saturday, I have to look at it as improving myself thus then improving my family!

And like books, school fees, and school supplies are not cheap. This is what I had for lunch and what most likely I will be eating for lunch for a while!!! LOL I hope they come in different flavors!


  1. LOL I'm soo proud of you. Its a new beginning for everything. Goodluck w that audtion wen do you hear back from them. Congrats w school its going to take a long time I know that for a fact but in the end it will pay off its for your girls. It was so hard for me to go back when I did Being a full time mom wife student and employee was no joke but wen I was done it was like MOG i did it. I'm ready to go back now when the new baby is born so I can get my BA and this will only be harder because I will do everything online but I dont want to be far from my family this time around. Ill just dedicate certain times of the evening for school work but not forgetting to give the hubby his time and the kids. The housework will get done somewhere in that crazy schedule of mine. I cant wait to read your blogs they are going to be amazing with school being a part of everyday life. Goodluck on ur new adventures....

    1. Thanks! Yeah yesterday alone was a little crazy as I tried to control the girls while I studied!! But I am glad to have a husband that supports me in my crazy ideas!!! LOL WEll I think we have to wait a week to find out if we get it and I will of course let everyone know either way! Wish you all the best too and thank you for reading!!!!