Monday, June 11, 2012

Advice to the Bride

This weekend I had the honor of going to my future cousin in law's Luz Bridal shower! It was a nice fun night out with my sister in law and they we really needed! Nothing like some good old girlfriend bonding time away from the kids! We got to talk and laugh over drinks and it was a great time with great conversation!

Now then came time to give the bride-to-be some good old advice! I hate this part of the shower I really do... I mean yes I have been married for almost 9 years now but believe me I am no expert! Every realationship is different and there really is no handbook on this stuff! You really have to go with the flow of what works for your relationship! (Damn maybe I should have written that!) Anyway we went about writing our little notes on the pretty pink hearts we were provided and I wrote mines down!


Now maybe its all the Fifty Shades of Grey I and everyone else has been reading but the minute I wrote this down everyone took it sexually! LOL and like we were all in a playful mood I just went along with it! I mean yes there is an undercurrent of sex in this statement! Nothing makes marriage more fun than a variety of sex in the bedroom, but hey this is not that type of blog! But really...

What I really meant is we are all different, in every way! Even with your own partner... there are times you are going to look over at your husband and say what the hell! But you can't let that scare you! You have to be able to say what is on your mind no matter how crazy shit sounds! Or how you think it will be perceived!  You have to let your freak flag fly!  Communication is key!

You have to be willing to speak your own mind, even if it doesn't agree with your new husband! You have to know your husband inside and out and he has to know you! Don't hold anything back! If you can't be yourself with your husband then who can you be yourself with!

So I guess that is what I really meant to say... Maybe that's not as sexy as getting freaking in the bedroom... but the sooner you are able to be completely honest with your future spouse outside the bedroom the better your communication will be inside the bedroom! LOL


  1. CB, I, BC found you and left comment on your post "things I'm afraid to tell you". In retrospect, it's dumb, but it's there. BC

  2. Big whoops. Looks like I thought caramel brownie was this blog. Guess not. Would you notify her if you can contact her, please. I see her on Sister Wives Blog.

  3. Hey, we're leading parallel existences. I just went to a bridal shower and wrote a post with the same title about it.

    I think your advice is excellent.

    1. LOL that's great!!! I think i saw yours when i scheduled mines
      !!! LOL

  4. I like this!! lol Freak flag flying high!!!

  5. Oh my goodness, this is awesome! I wish someone gave me this advice at my bridal shower, only to just see the looks of my future sister in laws face when I read it out loud ha ha ha

    but yes, I am SUCH a people pleaser so its funny how my husband encourages me to bust out of my shell and let my freak flag fly, and now I fly it proudly, some of my inlaws thought I was crazy because I don't act or live the way they do and now honestly I don't care, Im happy, my husband is happy and my child is happy :-) we are one weird beat boxing silly acting weird family