Thursday, May 24, 2012

What do you bring on a Road Trip!

Even if we are going to the corner store, I think, I will hear Layla say at least once "are we there yet?", or her version  "whenever will we come". So I am really getting a bit of anxiety over this weekend!!! See we are going on a road trip and I want to make sure we are stocked up!!! I am always worried we don't have enough for the kids. Layla already asked if we taking her bed to the hotel. I don't think she gets the concept of sleeping in another bed! Though we have gone away before, we have always stayed with family so this will be the first time in a hotel environment. So she is asking to bring everything! Thank god we have a mini van!

I know we have enough money for food, gas and tolls but what do you do with two young kids in a hotel room! I packed favorite DVDs, coloring books and they each to get to take a favorite toy. How do you guys plan road trips and hotel stays with your kids? Any tips!!! 

Oh and I will be blogging about our weekend as it happens (hopefully) because I am bringing my new baby along for the ride! Everyone say hi to my Mac Baby Fernandez!!!
She's a cutie!!! She is going to be all charged up and ready for late night blogging in our hotel room!!! I hope all of you have a great Memorial Day weekend! I hope this because a family tradition for our family!!


  1. Have a great trip girl! the teens usually stock up on icarly and victorious episodes that they haven't seen from the itunes store on their ipods. (none of us can read while in a car ya' know. disaster i tell you. all car sick) for the toddlers, i'll bring ziploc bags of cereal for the ride and dvds they haven't seen in a while. we've only been to port jefferson in long island with the tots so it's not that long a ride, but long enough for them to whine. hahaha

    1. We had a great time! I had sandwiches and juice and the dvds were fully loaded!!!! The two hour ride was not that bad!!! Can't wait to do it again... well maybe I can! LOL

    2. that's wonderful! so glad it went off without a hitch!

  2. "Whenever will we come"... haha! Layla speaks very Shakespearean like. And how did you do that collage??? Please share.