Monday, July 30, 2012

Confessions/Baring My soul!

So I was reading one of my favorite blogs this morning and after reading and enjoying it like usual I thought well she got her idea from another blog so I was going to keep it going and copy off of her and well...BARE MY SOUL

1. Completely and utterly obsessed with The Blackdagger Brotherhood a series of 10 books by J.R. Ward all about Vampires, love, sex and everything else you can think of! I have read all 10 books, gone back and read the two that I utterly love and am about to pre-order book 11 which doesn't come out till March 2013!

2. I don't give my girls baths on Fridays! Does that make me a bad mom! LOL. Well most Fridays. We usually go pick the girls up which means we are on route to our home by like 645pm and then we usually eat out so by the time we get home I am so tired that its just easier to have them bath early Saturday! One day without a bath won't kill them!

3. I rather text than talk... talking takes so much effort. If I talk to you on the phone than you are on the really short list of people I love because really... a LOL is so much easier than explaining it as we talk!

4.In the summer I avoid wearing shorts at all cost because it means I have to shave! LOL

5.I am so emotional lately... anything sets me off! Most people don't see it because years of experience of holding shit in but yeah... tears have been a flowing as of late and I don't know why!

6. Favorite place to be... my living room couch, lights off only the flicker of the TV, my kindle, or my computer lighting the room.

7.I haven't swept my house in going on 3 weeks... I pick things up from the floor all day long but I haven't reached for the broom in a while! LOL

8. I can't wait for Ava to do something bad so I can give her a time out in her crib! Those girls wear me out! I need a break! LOL(OK that sounded bad... walk a day in my shoes people!)

9.I love shopping, hate shopping for myself. My girlfriend and I went shopping the other day I tried on 10 dresses, ending up going to the children's place and got the girls some outfits! I claimed that as a shopping trip success but was it really???

10. I have strategically angled my work computer monitor so that if someone comes into my office they can't see what I am doing or what I am looking at. I did this by walking in and out my own damn office a few times to make sure my covert ops of Facebook, blogger and Usweekly would never be discovered!

11 I stole this idea from After Bedtime Blog  who stole it from Writing, Wishing and you can steal it from me if you feel the need!

So there goes my confessions for the day!


  1. i do #9 all the time girl (so glad that wasn't a #2 lol) ditto on #5 big hugs to you sister!'

    #4 seems to be the general consensus among moms lately. lol

    so glad you joined in!