Monday, August 20, 2012

Weddings and Feeling Good about Yourself!

Weddings and feeling good about yourself, that's what great moments are made of!!! I have a huge family, and I am not just saying that to be dramatic or make a point, my mother has 12 siblings and my dad comes from 8 so you guys do the math on how many first cousins I have alone! We are big, we are loud and we know how to throw a party and have a good time. But coming from a big family that is spread out there are not many moments where we can come together and enjoy each other company. This weekend was different, we had the honor to attend our cousin's Ivelisse wedding! What better way to bring people together than a wedding!!! I really love weddings, it was so much fun to see everyone. 
Congrats to Ivelisse and Albert!!!

I have an amazing family, there was so much love in that room. Watching my mother and aunts transform into little girls as they laugh with each other and poke fun at each other as siblings do! Watching the older men hang outside, talking about everything from their wives to politics to simpler days in Puerto Rico!

  Sometimes you take for granted the little things in life, you get caught up in the day to day, Saturday I was reminded of where I come from. It's such a calming feeling when you look around a room and you see that everyone in that room has your best interest in heart and you are surrounded by people who care about you. I really do love getting together with my family, it always reminds me of what really is important! I really needed that this weekend, even though I didn't know it, I really needed to be reminded of that!

Now to the feeling good about myself part of this blog, preparing for this wedding I was looking for something to wear, now if you know me be it from this blog or from real life, I rarely "dress up" and I hardly ever wear make up! Umm... yeah I am very low maintenance! A few weeks ago I got on the computer to do some shopping and after looking at alot of sites and even more dresses I found one that I really liked, it was my style it was my size it was everything I was looking for, well that is until I received it and tried to put it on, and lets just say it didn't fit!!!! Now with a week left to the wedding I went to the mall and I couldn't find anything so I went and raided my girlfriends closet, she was my final resort or I was going to end up in slacks and a blouse for this wedding, because all I have is work clothes in my closet! She picked out a dress for me that she had never worn and had the tags on it the minute I put it on I felt completely different and very comfortable. The dress looked great on me. I felt amazing, I really did! Then she brought out some shoes, now I am not a shoe person, and she is so her lending me a pair of her shoes is a big thing and when I put these shoes on I mean I once and for all get women's fascination with shoes! I mean these things were much more than shoes, these were a statement! These were a walking billboard that read: "I FEEL DAMN GOOD! And I did, I did feel good!!!

 So here is to a great weekend full of family, love and renewed sense of self, that was a bit lacking in recent weeks!!!


  1. very nice Mrs. Fernandez... ;)

  2. sounds absolutely wonderful girl! i've got a reception-hall-full of cousins too! sadly everyone's been married a while now and day to day life just makes visiting fall behind.
    thanks for sharing and you look great girl!

  3. You felt good and you looked GREAT!