Monday, October 15, 2012

One more time!!!!

So I posted this picture on Facebook, about a week or so ago. Yep everyone we are expecting another! 

It's kind of crazy but what the hell! LOL Hopefully its a boy because I think the factory is closed after this one.

I was a bit overwhelmed when we first found out, I have to admit. I really could not wrap my head around it. I mean I am really still trying to get use to dealing with two now adding another one. It was a lot. Then again we are a family so we will adjust and believe me we have more than enough love to go around.

My husband was estatic about the news... he really wants to add a boy to our troop. Now Layla was not really very happy. I told her that we were having a baby and she asked me why and then she said " I already have a sister and I don't want a brother, boys are annoying" I told her that she will be happy with whatever and that she will love it as much as she loves Ava and she told me "why can't you have a baby puppy" Umm, Layla may need some more time to get use to the idea of having another member in the family! Ava really doesn't know what is going on I told her that mommy had a baby in her tummy to which she responded by pulling my shirt up exposing my bra to everyone in my living room and calling me a liar! Go figure!

Anyway, I am very excited now to begin this new journey with my family and sharing all the craziness that happens along the way! I really must be crazy... these kids are going to kill me!

Now we are really out numbered!


  1. LOL! The girls are hilarious. Congrats again!

  2. OMG... I Didn't see it on Facebook :-(.
    A BIG CONGRATS to you guys.