Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Is it wrong to forget your own Birthday???

I was on the Internet yesterday as I usually am every day and I came across this post from my sister Fun.Fit.Chic   
it talks about her feelings about turning the big 30!!! Now as I was reading this it got me thinking and I literally said to myself: "OH SHIT IF SHE IS TURNING 30 THEN I AM TURNING 33!!!!"   

Yes people in a few days I am turning 33 and I had totally forgotten! How does one forget their own birthday!. Oh I don't know, two kids, pregnant with number 3 in the process of a move, and over worked, under paid and extremely tired! Yeah that might just do it! This morning I woke up with a thought I am going to be freaking 33 years old and I am going to be the mother of 3!!! How did this happen how did 33 creep up on me! How in the world did I become the mother of three! LMAO!!! OK so the mother of three bit, well that is partially my fault I mean have you seen my husband he is kind of irresistible but that's for a whole other post! 

I guess because this pregnancy I feel more run down than my last two and I have had complications, I really just feel old! I know some of you out there that have already hit that 33 mark and beyond are going to kill me for that last statement, but I haven't had the greatest time this pregnancy and I feel run down! I feel awkward in my body, I am tired and just plain old cranky!

While my sister is rejoicing and enjoying turning 30, I just want a quite day, home relaxing, let 33 come out the way it came in not even a mere thought in my mind! OK so maybe that is extreme and I don't want to sound ungrateful! I am truly and utterly blessed! I have a great family, I have great friends! My kids are awesome and I am proud to be half of a relationship that is still going strong after almost 20 years together! I am almost finished with school and I have a good job! I am really happy, other than the fact that lately I have been feeling out of sorts because of all that my body has been going through in this pregnancy! 

So yeah, I am turning 33! I really didn't see what or where I would be at 33 and for the most part I am in a pretty damn good place! Nonetheless, I am a tired and cranky woman these day so all I want for my birthday is to lay still and do nothing! Hopefully I will get what I want for my birthday! I just want the day to go and come and that's it! I am grateful for where I am and super excited for where I am going but I just want quiet! So like I have been feeling kind of crappy these past few weeks, I started looking at old Facebook photos and choose a few of my favorites that I thought I looked hot in! LOL so here is a collage of who else but me:



  1. A quiet birthday sounds nice to me too and I'm not even half as busy as you are... I guess the 'old' does start to kick in at 33, sigh...