Monday, December 3, 2012

Do I have the right to blog about my kids????

The other day I was catching up on my blog reading and came across one of my favorite bloggers most recent post  
in this post she blogs about the issues she had wondering if she had the right to blog about her autistic son! This got me thinking, my entire blog is about myself, my children and my husband and everything else that pops up in my head! I refer to everyone by name, I put out everything and anything and I really don't censor myself, the way it happens is the way it usually comes out in my blog.

Now when I first started this blog, I discussed it with my husband and he said as long as he was not in it. I said done! But then I had to put him in it we have been together for almost 20 years, I mean if he is not in this blog I would not be telling my truth. So I had to go back to him and let him know that it just wasn't fair to completely leave him out because it just would not make sense. He was fine with that fact and there was only one blog post that he made me take down after a long discussion, he just really was not comfortable with it being up there for everyone to see. So after a while I did take it down, I mean I do have to live with the guy!!! LOL. This brings me to my girls and the other spawn that is in my belly at the moment. I never asked or even thought to ask them how they felt about being splattered all over the Internet. Everyone reading the crazy things they do! Everyone being part of all our family outings, traditions and chaos! I mean I birthed them so I get  to write about them, right? LMAO I still struggle with this. 

I put them out there for everyone to see, and then the mommy in me wonders are they being judged? Do I have the stomach to not lash out on negative comments? Should I have gone the route of other bloggers and changed their names or not show their faces? I still wonder! At the end of the day I have to live with my decision. I started this blog because I needed an outlet, somewhere to write about all the things I was going through being a new mom, things that well I was not prepared for and honestly I don't think many of us are prepared for. Through this blog I have built relationships with some other amazing moms, and woman that I dare to call friends because I feel that through their own writings I have become close to them. I have built a community of support and understanding and I love it, it was exactly the reason I started all of this. I went the route of full disclosure and I hope that has been the right decision. Will I be judged negatively? Well I guess no matter what route I happen to have chosen I would think someone out there would disagree so I have to learn to take the good and the bad! What I really wonder is when they are old enough to read this, will they like it? Will they be happy in the manner they are portrayed?  

I guess this is something I will always struggle with, whether or not my decision was the right one. But for me at the end of the day when I sit at this computer and write on my little piece of real estate in this blog-o-sphere, I am happy and content, and who can really ask for anything more!

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  1. I could have written this post myself (though not quite as well). I, too, agonize. Sometimes I feel I'm sharing too much. But part of me figures everyone knows I'm nuts already, so the blog just helps garner more sympathy for my husband and kids. They deserve at least that much.