Thursday, December 20, 2012

Shit My husband says Part 2

Now for the most part my husband's opinions are never really withheld. He basically says what's on his mind every chance he gets. That's one of the things I love about him. He is, who he is, and really doesn't care either way what people say or do as long as we are happy! So I always know he will give it to me straight!!

Cut to this morning and the conversation goes like this:
Me: How do I look in this? Do I look OK? Is my hair OK?
Him: You match!


What kind of shit is that to say! When I look at him again a bit puzzled and wanting clarification he repeats "You Match" Umm... OK so I am almost 6 months pregnant and maybe he has noticed that I have been a bit of an emotional roller coaster lately. So maybe this is unfamiliar territory for him so he is treading lightly but really "You Match" was the best he can come up with!!! I wonder if I really didn't match would he have found another attribute to give me a compliment about instead of just saying you look off today... like well your eyes are sparkling!!!

Anyway so today at least I match! In all fairness what did I really expect him to say "you look like crap you need more sleep"! Because in all honesty that's how I felt when I left this morning!

But all is not lost, as I sat at my desk and began my work day my phone rang and it was my poetically gifted husband calling to ask me how my ride into work was, did I make it in on time and that he loves me! Wow can a girl really ask for anything more! I match and my husband just calls to say he loves me! All is great in the world! That's all!