Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Christmas, Sickness almost stole and Unlce Saved!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, filled with love, laughter, joy and all that other good stuff!!! Yes our was filled with that too but it was also filled with snot, throw up, medicine and soup!!! It all started the Saturday before Xmas, the hubby was not feeling well and progressively getting worse as the day went on. As he stood in bed I tried to keep my girls away from him but umm have you read my blogs! That's kind of hard when they are both obsessed with him! By Sunday my husband was out for the count! So I had to tend to the girls, the shopping and trying to get him better before we got it. Well most of the errands and chores got done but I could do nothing about preventing us from getting sick! As the day wore on it was clear that I was getting sick, and that both girls were getting it Layla more than Ava! By Sunday bedtime it was clear we were in for a long night ahead of us. Between both I and my husband coughing up our lungs out in our bedroom, we had to take turns waking up to tend to the girls who were coughing and throwing up in their room! We barely got any sleep!

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was more of the same thank god by then the hubby was doing much better so he was able to take care of us! I spent most of the day in bed but I mustered enough energy to wake the girls up and show them that Santa came! Now this is where I messed up! See Layla had one thing on her list that I made a judgement call on, she wanted a scooter but I thought its cold when will she ride it. I remember telling her well maybe for your birthday in April you will get it and it will be more fun because you can ride it outside! The look on her face as she opened presents you can tell that something was missing. She was happy with everything but you can tell she was looking for something, something that just was not under the tree. It just broke my heart! Did I just ruin Xmas for my kid! So I am sick as a dog, no family around, just us and to top it off she is disappointed! Ugh could this day get any worse. 

Well thank god for Uncle's he didn't come through with the scooter but he got them those things called Dream lights, those pillow pets that light up! Well she had not put that on her list but she proclaimed that she so wanted that for Xmas!!! Her faith in Xmas was restored and I felt a bit better and I told her that maybe the Three kings would bring her that scooter she wanted! Don't get me wrong like the pictures above show we did have a fun Christmas and the girls were happy I just felt bad, I was sick, most of my family and my husband's family was out of town or doing other things so we were a bit lonely and then the whole scooter fiasco didn't help lighten the mood! At the end of the day we all started feeling a bit better, she had so much fun with her other toys that it made up for the fact that  Santa forgot her scooter so the Three Kings have to bring it by Camel thing and Uncle was made to look like a hero cause now she swears he got a private in with Santa that he knew exactly what she wanted without even asking for it!

Hey it would not be a Fernandez Family moment without a bit of theatrics, that's what we do best! Hopefully next year there will be less vomit and more of everything else! 


  1. I feel ya! I'm still sick and Christmas was a snotty mess and the bike I got for Put Pie ended up being defective. We still had fun too, but we were a mess.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year to you too!!! Now I think one of my girls has a stomach virus!!! I can't catch a break! I am glad to see you guys doing better!