Monday, January 7, 2013


101 excuses why she can't go to sleep!

I need help people in a serious way!!! I need my sleep. I am slowly losing my sanity and its affecting my everyday life! OK! So maybe I am a bit dramatic but my nights lately have been filled with drama!!!

You see that beautiful little creature in the above photo, the one with the bubbles over her head that as you all know is my lil' Ava. Well that chick right there is giving me a run for my money and I just don't know what to do! I think last night was the final straw! She is two years old, and she was using the pacifier for sleeping at night. Now mind you she has always been a good sleeper. I never put her in my bed like I did Layla because I didn't want her transition from the crib to the toddler bed to be like Layla's was! So she always has slept in her own space. When we moved in to our new place we got her a bed. She took to it nicely. But then we decided it was time to do away with that pacifier! It was becoming too much work and she was depending on it too much to go to sleep! 

So a few weeks ago my husband put his foot down when he was sent again to the store on a late night to find a pacifier because the five that we had, had gone missing. That weekend was what I expected, waking up in the middle of the night, crying for the pacifier, tossing and turning! But by Monday I thought we had achieved our goal of getting over the pacifier! Well then a few nights later the popping out the bed started!

I try to get them into bed no later than 830pm, now that they have their own room, I let them watch TV and then when they fall asleep an hour or so later I turn it off! Layla adapted fine, but Ava, she comes out her bed all night long. At first it was cute, "Mom I want to hang out", or "I scared of the dark". Now its just crazy! When she finally does fall into some kind of sleep she whines in her sleep, she cries I wake up to check she reaches for me I have to soothe her back to sleep then less than an hour later she is back at it again. I really think is that she is still looking for that gratification that she was getting with her pacifier.

I am at a loss. I have no clue how to soothe her to keep her sleeping through the night! Sometimes she won't even go to sleep! She will stay up jumping out of bed till like 4 in the morning, like last night! Then in the morning when its time to get ready she is dead asleep! Do you know how hard it is to dress a child that's just dead weight!!! I am truly at a loss! I even did the unthinkable and brought her to my bed a few times, but that doesn't help. She won't stay still, she won't sleep! Now its not everyday, but its enough times in the week that I am losing sleep! My husband and I are literally taking turns to check what is wrong with her. We can't even watch TV past 9o'clock because she sees our TV on she will come in our room "to hang out". I try putting on her favorite movie, or waiting till just when I am gonna put them to bed to give her warm milk. But nothing seems to work! 

If she is not whining in her sleep she is popping out her bed opening her door and coming out to the hallway saying 101 excuses on why she can't sleep or won't sleep! Do any of you have had this problem? Any suggestions please! I need my sleep back! And frankly so does she! Is this really about the pacifier or should I look at some other reasons. What can it be that she won't stay put and just go to sleep!