Friday, January 25, 2013

Shit My Husbands Says! Part 3

I haven't had a great run of health in this pregnancy. I had really bad morning sickness in the beginning and now its back!!! During the Holidays we all got sick and since then I have not been able to shake this cough, and to top it off we are in a deep freeze in NYC, so its freaking freezing. I am really tired, cranky, and just plain not myself most days. This morning, I just could not take it anymore!

 As my husband showered, I laid in bed and instead of getting ready for the day, I curled up in a little ball and started crying. One of those I don't give a fuck who sees me cries, I just got to let it out kind of cries! Well I was sobbing by the time my husband came out of the bathroom and he was surprised he like what the hell happened??? In between sobs, I let out that I was tired, that I was over it, that I hated feeling sick and worse I hated how I felt about my body and what this pregnancy is doing to it, when I am supposed to be happy!!! I mean we are having a baby for god-sakes and I should be an old pro at this being that this is Spawn #3.

Well leave it up to my husband to come up with one of his pearls of wisdom!!! He turns to me and says: "Zulay I know you are going through it right now but don't you see how amazing you are, you are a vessel of life" Really dude!!!


Now what can you say to that, how can you be sad or mad, when the man you love tells you that!!! LMAO!!! So apparently I am a vessel of life! Then my mother comes in to see what is wrong with me and he proceeds to tell her the vessel of life bit and that I was sad cause I was not well and all that. She like its all your fault, you know, you got her pregnant and he proceeds to tell her: "Oh know, this was all her doing, this was all her Fifty Shades of Grey and Blackdagger Brotherhood reading that got her to want to suck my blood"

Seriously after that golden gem, all I can do is laugh. That's what my husband does best, he just knows how to get me out my funk and today, I so needed that! No matter what the problem is, no matter how bad I am feeling I can always count on him to get me out of it. See it in another perspective or just plain laugh about it! You can't ask for more can you??? LOL In retrospect I am really happy we are having another baby and I don't mean to sound all down about it. It's just when they say every pregnancy is different they were not lying. This one is kicking my butt! But baby is healthy and I only have till April so I have stuck it out this long I can continue on! Hopefully in the next couple of weeks the weather will get better, I will get over this persistent cough and maybe get myself back a little!!! But for now, I am just happy to be his Vessel of Life!!! LMAO Good Lord, life is never boring when you are married to my husband!!! LOL


  1. That is the sweetest thing I've heard all week. I love your husband now.

    1. Haha!!! Thanks! You made his week with your comment!