Thursday, February 14, 2013

Selling My Crap on Ebay Part Deux!!!

My first attempt at selling my crap on Ebay was a big success!!! Therefore I am continuing my venture and saving up a diaper fund for Spawn # 3:

So here are some great deals that I am offering, come check it out, tell a friend!!! All for a good cause!!! Yep Spawn #3 needs some new stuff! LOL
These three sweaters size 18 months are a great deal buy now price $15 starting bid $8.
  Gray and Purple Girls Snow Puffer Vest 24 months Buy now Price: $10.00 starting Bid: $5.00.
 Boys Leather Jacket size 6 Buy Now Price: $60.00 starting Bid: $30.00
 Orange and Black Boys Winter Coat size 7 Buy Now Price: $20.00 starting Bid : $10.00
 Boys Winter Coat size 5/6 Blue, Black and Grey. Buy Now Price: $20.00 starting Bid: $10.00.
 Two NY & CO skirts one Navy Blue and the other Beige size 12. Buy Now Price: $20.00 starting BID: $10.00.
 Women Jacket size M. Buy Now Price: $20.00 starting Bid: $10.00.
 Pink Toddlers Girl Winter puffer coat size 24 months. Buy Now Price: $20.00 Starting Bid : $10.00.
 Mixed sizes ranging from 3t to 5t. Two outfits, Buy now Price: $15.00 starting Bid: $5.00.

Come check it out! All items are preowned but in great condition.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks!! One moms trash is another moms treasure!!! LOL

  2. Great stuff and good pics! These things will sell in no time!