Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One Mom's Junk is another Mom's Treasure More Ebay stuff!!!!

So EBay and I have become the best of friends recently. Ever since I discovered how easy it is and I am actually making money from it, its been really fun! I found a new alternative to my clutter. Whatever I haven't been able to giveaway to anyone and has just been sitting in my closets or storage unit I been trying little by little to sell on EBay and what do you know people have actually been buying it! So after a few items sold in my last round here is an update at what is in my little shop on Ebay! I hope you guys look and share and enjoy!!!

Two 18-24 months Girls toddler shirts from The Children's Place Brand new one just doesn't have the tags. Buy now Price $10.00, Starting Bid $2.00.
 Three Toddler girls sweaters 18 months. Buy Now Price: $10.00, starting bid: $5.00

 Two Green Toddler girls dresses 18-24 Months Buy Now Price: $15.00 starting Bid: $5.00

 Pink Toddler girls winter coat 24 Months Buy now price: $15.00, starting Bid: $5.00
 Woman's Black Jacket size Medium Buy now price: $20.00, starting bid: $5.00
Toddler girls winter bubble vest purple and black 24 months, from the children's place. Buy now price: $10.00, starting bid: $5.00
 Two NY&CO woman's skirts size 12 blue and beige. Buy now price: $15.00, starting bid $5.00.
 Woman's Aeropostale jacket in green, size Large. Buy Now price: $10.00, starting bid:$2.00.
Woman's Red Peacoat, Buy Now Price: $10.00, starting bid: $5.00.

We have a few other items, I will update here as necessary! Please come by and share with others!!! Most items have been used and preowned. The red peacoat has damage in the lining but I think its still a great deal!

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