Friday, September 24, 2010

Family Vacation

I want to start of by apologizing for not blogging sooner. For those out there who have taken a family vacation know all the planning it takes before you actually go on vacation so I had not had a chance to write before we left and once we got here we started doing things and I never had a chance to write. So now as the day breaks and most of my family is asleep I felt I needed to write some words down. Sorry if this is not my usual style of writing but I am just to excited!!!

This is our first real family vacation with the four of us. Though my oldest daughter has been to florida and Puerto Rico before one of us has always stood behind. So this time for the first time we were able to have a real family vacation. It takes a lot of effort to get two children, small children at that to get ready for a family vacation. For the plane I advise all parents to carry a goodie bag for your child. Bring crayons, pencils, games, if you have a portable dvd player with the childs favorite movies, bring the childs favorite toy and maybe a blanket from home. Some flights are long you have to have everything you would expect your child to ask for because once a child gets restless on a plane it's really hard to get them back to normal. My daugther I have noticed gets restless the last hour of a flight she begins saying she wants to get out and the infamous line that I only thought happened in movies "Are we there yet?" This is where I bring out the big guns the favorite snacks I had hidden for this very moment.

Once you arrive at your destination if you are staying at a hotel or at a relatives house please realize that this is new for your child and as I soon found out your child will act different. As we got to our inlaws house my youngest daughter who usually falls asleep by 9pm and is asleep for the rest of the night did not fall out till 4 in the morning. Children know there home there comfort zone once they are taken out of that element it takes a moment for them to get readjusted.

On our agenda we visited Disney world. Though my daughter has gone to disney world with her father, this would be the first time that we went as a family. I advise those who are visiting floirda theme parks to go when the children of florida are already back in school, this makes the wait on the rides a bit shorter. Remember your childs limits, this I learned the hard way as my child had a total meltdown in the happiest place on earth, with small children I advise to do the shows, some rides maybe too much for a small child but they love all the colors and music of the shows. Also when taking pictures with characters, be ready if your child starts to cry or gets scared, they are use to seeing there favorite characters two inches tall in the tv not live in living color.

No matter how much you plan or how much you anticipate for something there will be always surprises. Remember its a vacation, just relax and have fun, these are moments that your child will take with you for the rest of their lives. Your child will give you so many stories and moments for you to enjoy if you just let life happen.

Yesterday my daughter went fishing for the first time and her father turns to her and says "We are going to catch some whoppers today" to which she replied "No daddy we not catching whoppers we are catching fish"

We are enjoying ourselves on our first family vacation. I planned and saved and anticipated every moment but what I have learned is the moments you don't plan for the moments that were not on the agenda those are the moments that count, those are the moments that you will be talking about forever.

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