Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mommy I Sorry, I Swallowed Some Money...

Those were the words I never thought I would hear, but last night I did! Picture a quiet night, I am in front of my computer trying to have some alone time, the little one is asleep and my lil'lady is what I thought watching television. As I did some online shopping, she comes out the room and makes the ultimate statement, "Mommy I am sorry, I swallowed some money". Now I jump to my feet my laptop almost falling on the floor and I grab her, take her to the bathroom and I open up her mouth. This causes my child to start crying. Now as I am making her drink water, she is yelling stop mommy stop! Finally I realize OK she is not choking she was not crying when she came to me I need to calm down.
As I assess the situation I quickly start asking her if her throat hurts, she says no I start feeling a bit better. I always forget if they see you nervous then they get nervous. I calm down call in my panel of experts which basically is my circle of good girlfriends and poll them on what should I do,I get on the computer and also see that as long as she is not choking she should be OK. How the hell did this happen to me! How the hell did I let this happen to her. This is what I am thinking. This is what I think everyone would think! I neglected my daughter so much that she ate coins. Now my poor child has a firing object in her stomach. OH MY GOD!!!! A FOREIGN OBJECT!. What would my mother say, yes I can hear it now I was too busy doing whatever the hell I was doing to attend to my child probably, yeah she been waiting to say that to me! I snap back to reality and realize this can happen to anyone. You can't be watching your child completely all the time. You will at some point have to take your eyes off of them for a minute. I know that because I work and I'm away from my daughters on a daily basis I tend to overreact when it comes to watching them or doing things with them because I want to make sure that the time I am with them is time well spent. So I guess I will chalk this up to a mother daughter moment that neither of us will ever forget. Everyone has their moments, we are not perfect. I am not a perfect mother and she is not a perfect child. I see that there will be more moments like this than not. I have to prepare myself for the scrapes and falls of life. I have to prepare myself for the moments in life that are not planned. Life as I found out yesterday is very messy and with two growing children I would safely assume that its going to get messier! Therefore I believe I have to roll up my sleeves and prepare to get dirty. LIFE HAPPENS!!!
I read online that you should try to find out what kind of coin she ate, so I begin the interrogation of a two year old. Baby girl what coin did you eat as I lay out coins on the table. We come to the conclusion that she either ate two dimes or two nickels. Now I have the information that I need to call her doctor. I am relived to hear from the nurse on call that my daughter is fine and that in about four days she will pass it in her stool. So now I am on Poop Patrol!
Yes I overreact, yes I exaggerate, yes I am that mom that other moms point too! But you know what I am their mom and I am doing the best I can. I work hard to be what they need and even though at times I make mistakes I bounce back quickly and though I know there will be more "money swallowed" in my future, last night incident taught me how I should react and how not to react. Just like I have to teach my daughters how grow and be, they will teach me how to grow and be. On that note I have to make sure she can't get to her piggy bank I think she may still be hungry! LMAO

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