Wednesday, December 29, 2010


A few weeks ago it was my birthday. Now this particular birthday, made me feel for the first time a bit old. I didn't even want to celebrate it. I was a little down on myself. Not sure really why? Maybe the realization that my family is complete, I have two daughters, a wonderful husband, I have a nice life. Now I know what you must be thinking these are things that you should not be getting down about, but what do you do when you basically have everything you ever wanted. I know many would say dream new dreams, set new goals, but sometimes its just not as easy as that and that can get you down. The possibility of not having possibility can get you down (if that makes any sense). Also not really knowing what you want, who you are, can make things difficult. Sometimes as parents, we tend to forget our identity outside of our children and lose the person that we are!
At the point that my birthday neared I just didn't want to celebrate it, I didn't want to make a big fuss I just wanted to let the day go by and enjoy it with my little family and wake up the next morning and begin the new year of my life, that's until I received one of the best gifts I have every received.
Now I am a big adovocate that you should really treat yourselves to things. You should always try to have a day that is just for you, that no one else matters but you! I have basically forgotten this motto.It really is better said than done. I have let things kind of just slip away from me. I never really do anything that is just for me. Someone once asked me what I did for fun? I really couldn't answer that question. I forgot what I did just for fun. Whatever answer came to mind involved my children or my husband, and the person asked again, no what you do for fun and still I could not answer.
Its strange not having an answer to such a common and simple question, but sometimes we get so caught up in the routine of things, in our children, our relationships, our careers, that we become all that is needed of us and we put "us" on the back burner. That's when you tend to lose yourself. I basically had lost my "swag".
I think my friend had kind of picked up on this and she did what all good friends do and gave me a push in the right direction, well maybe she threw me off a cliff! Knowing my admiration for pin-up queens like Betty Paige she booked me in a pin-up makeover photo shoot. Let me tell you it was amazing! I felt like a celebrity. My hair, my makeup was done, my wardrobe was picked out! I didn't have to worry about anything. I sat back and enjoyed as I was transformed into my alter ego! When it was all said and done I have beautiful pictures of myself, for myself well of course my husband enjoyed them too! What I am saying this simple gesture was all I needed to get my swag back. I had a moment to look at myself and I realized, I am a sexy, confident, beautiful woman. Ok I may not have a stylist and make up artist everyday, but I am that girl in those pictures. I had forgotten how to hold my head high and be me! Just me, not someone's mom, or someone's wife, or someone's employee, but just me! It's real easy to forgot that, but as I realized that day it's as easy to remember. All you need is a little push! Thanks T!

P.S. Thanks to my little entourage that came with me. Love you all. If you are interested in having a pin up experience visit

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  1. I just got chills, and they are multiplying! :) LOVE YOU ZULAY!!!!!!