Friday, May 27, 2011


Hey there sorry I am a bit late with this mommy spotlight but I was a bit busy this week! Nonetheless here we go! I remember when I first found out I was pregnant the feeling of excitement and down right fear were hand in hand! There is nothing in the world like that feeling, to know that you are carrying life, that in a few months you will be some one's mother! The word mother was crazy to me, from the day that child would be born I would forever be known as MOTHER! It was a crazy ride for me as I can imagine it is for all new expected mothers, you have no idea what you are getting into and what your body has in store for you, from morning sickness that last all day, to crazy cravings and mood swings, but the end result is always worth it.!

I was so excited when my good friend Giselle Torres told me she was pregnant, I know this is something she has always wanted, now I am not quite sure she was ready for everything that followed she is at the stage in pregnancy when your body don't know what it wants to barf or be hungry or both! Poor thing! But she has a great attitude and I salute her in this Mommy spotlight!

Giselle: I'm a 32 year old Dominican mom-to-be. Growing up in the Bronx with a single mom hold great memories for me and I hope to be as wonderful a mom to my own child. I met my husband Kevin six years ago. We will celebrate our two year wedding anniversary this September, a month before we meet our new little person. I feel like the luckiest person. I am so thankful and blessed!

Modern Mom: Did you always know you wanted to have children?
Giselle: Yes, I always knew I wanted children. I would have wanted to have them ages ago had I met Kevin before I did.

Modern Mom: Did you get pregnant right away?
Giselle: We got pregnant after about 3 weeks of trying. I was shocked. I always imagined it would take me a year at least!

Modern Mom: How did your husband react?
Giselle: He was in shock! As was I. We took two tests just to be sure. we read it correctly. We didn't want to let ourselves believe it till we went to the doctor.

Modern Mom: Being an only child, do you want more than one child?
Giselle: I hated being an only child. You make up a lot of imaginary playmates and lots of role playing on your own. I would love to have three but after having four straight months of morning sickness that actually lasted all day and sometimes night, I'm not so sure I would be as determined to have more than one. Everyone says you forget the hard parts of pregnancy though. I hope I do because I would definitely hope for at least two children.

Modern Mom: How is this pregnancy treating you, you mentioned morning sickness?
Giselle: Again, MORNING SICKNESS SUCKS! I have lost 4 pounds in the first four months.

Modern Mom: How did you handle the whole pregnancy clothing thing? Did you go crazy buying or did you wait till necessary?
Giselle: So far, I've only needed to purchase two pairs of casual pants. I was lucky to get a lot of hand-me-downs from a friend who shares my size!

Modern Mom: Do you want to know what you are having?
Giselle: I would love to know what we are having but my husband really wants to be old fashioned and be surprised until the delivery. I considered finding out on my own but I talk too much, would totally slip and blab to him!

Modern Mom: Is there anything you are worried about?
Giselle: I'm worried I'm gonna screw the kid up! What if i don't read to it enough or I read to it too early? Do I talk both Spanish and English to the baby right away or is that gonna confuse it in the long run.

Modern Mom: What is the one thing you are most looking forward to?
Giselle: Imagining what the baby will look like and act like consumes most of my baby daydreaming time. Will it have my personality? Will it have an eye for drawing and puzzles like Kevin:

Modern Mom: Any surprises, as in has anything happened to you in the pregnancy that no one told you about?
Giselle: I honestly thought morning sickness just happened when you woke up. I had no idea it actually could last all day and that it lasted for months on end in some cases. Thank goodness for the second trimester.

Yes Giselle morning sickness can be all day sickness! Its crazy we often think of pregnancy as this wonderful beautiful existence but though it has its moments sometimes it can really kick your ass! I can relate to Giselle when I was pregnant with Layla I wondered all sorts of things from what if I forget to feed her every three hours or what if I don't wake up right away when she cries. These worries are all normal and very common!

To my friend I give this advice, one thing about motherhood that I have learned that is common among all the mothers that I have had the pleasure of knowing and speaking to, is that even though at times motherhood is a bit daunting and sometimes takes time to get use to,  once you give birth and you have your baby in your arms you become fully aware. You will know what to do! You will see for yourself its an amazing thing but very true. Before I gave birth all these questions filled my head but once she was here a calmness came over me and I just knew, me and this little lady were in it for the long haul and I just knew I could do it and I was her MOTHER!

So Giselle, no worries! You and Kevin will be fine and you may not always be prepared but you will know how to figure it out and believe me even if you don't want it you will get help and advice from everywhere! Just learn to do what you feel is right no matter what! Love ya and welcome to the club!


  1. I always say this to Giselle, but she is Charlotte York incarnate. She's always wanted to be married and always wanted to have children. Knowing G, since I was 10, she more my sister than my friend. This baby is an exciting addition to the memories we've already created.

  2. We are going to have so much fun with this new addition to our group and I am going to love seeing Giselle and Kevin become parents!