Friday, June 24, 2011


This wonderful little girl to the left is my littlest lady, Ava. She is the baby of the Fernandez Clan, and yes one day I forgot to put socks on her! Let's back track! I am a busy, busy mom like most of you! Sometimes I make mistakes!Now that is an understatement!

Mornings in the Fernandez house are what I like to call Chaotic Normality. I have a system, and though to some it may sound crazy I have every minute of my morning planned out. I get myself, my daughters and I help my husband get ready and we are all out the door no later than 730 in the morning! On this particular morning, I was feeling a bit tired so when my alarm clock woke me up at 5 in the morning I took it upon myself to sleep an extra half an hour! So what, so what! I deserved it! I had all the clothes laid out and everything was ready, so i rolled over and went back to bed. Once I woke up it was game time. I took a shower started to get dressed, woke up Ava, feed her, changed her and dressed her and then back to her crib she went, I continued to finish getting ready, then I woke up Layla, feed her, helped her get dressed, combed her hair and went to wake up my husband. I packed the baby bag, put the finishing touches on my hair and so fourth, knocked on the bathroom door and told my husband they are ready, just add Ava's bottle to the baby bag. After that instruction I was gone, on my way to work.

Once I get to work, I get a phone call from my mother, which is normal because she usually calls to tell me that the girls got there OK. This particular day I couldn't answer the phone so I let it go to voice mail, when i checked the message I heard in her voice a bit of annoyance so I called to see what was wrong. She goes on to tell me that my father was extremely embarrassed, apparently poor little Ava had no socks on and on this of all windy summer days the temperature was a bit on the low side and everyone asked as he walked in the building pushing the stroller "oh wow Bendito, poor baby don't have no socks"!!!! I had made the cardinal mistake in motherhood, I had let other mothers see that I made a mistake!!! Furthermore, I allowed my mother, the mother of all mothers to be a victim of my incompetence! HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN HER SOCKS WHAT KIND OF MOTHER AM I!!!! My father came upstairs with tales of how the woman along his path pointed and said poor poor baby!

You know what everyone can just BITE ME! I am going to make mistakes and forgetting to put socks on her is the least of them! As mothers I have noticed that we at times are very critically with each other. I had a coworker, who when I would come in with stories of how my daughter did this or that she would chime in with how her daughter did the same thing but only younger! Always out beating my daugther! It was funny to me but I realized as Layla got older and I had Ava that our children, no matter how hard we try, are an extension of ourselves. We are, a lot of times judged by our children, its inevitable! I really don't mind it, but when we are not even allowed to make a mistake because we are going to be crucified, we need to step back and realize we are human! I am not going to lie at times I have been guilty of this very thing, I see a child acting out or a mom who looks like she has no clue and for a second a thought runs through my mind as well. Well I am here to say that I will try my hardest to curb that behavior!

We need to try and be more supportive of each other, as woman and as moms, instead of being so competitive. We are all going to make mistakes. It happens! When Layla was about a few weeks old I went to some family event and forgot the baby wipes, the look on all the other moms faces was priceless! My sister in law without any judgement took Layla to the other room and took wipes out her bag and helped me out! So I say, from today on, mothers lets help eachother out!



  1. Girl u are not only that has happen to me.. An more the once. :-(
    I also agree with u we should support each other more instead of also being so competitive with each other.

  2. Oops Something happen w/my comment.
    You are not the only that has happen too. Its happen to me and more then once. :-(
    I also agree w/u we should support each other more instead of always being so competitivw with each other.

  3. Thanks Barby for your comment! Yes! Someone else who forgot something! LOL we should be more supportive of eachother it happens to the best of us!

  4. Why are women so hard on each other? We should support each other and be there to catch each other when we make mistakes. I love how your father chimed in about the socks though. lol.