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Well here we go again, I love giving the spotlight to some of the many women I know that are kick ass mothers! I just recently met this new mom via one of my closest friends and we have hit it off! She is smart, funny, and has a great attitude and did I mention she is a great girl friend! You want someone dependable, honest, loyal in your corner then Loriane L. Pereira is the girl friend for you! So with no further ado here is Mommy Spotlight#4:

My name is Loriane L. Periera. I'm 32 years old and I'm a mother to a beautiful baby girl named Emily Loriane Luna. I work full time as a Senior Regional Manager at the Newspaper National Network. I been in New York City for about 12 years. My boyfriend and I have been together for four years and we both feel extremely blessed to have our daughter. Our life has taken a new meaning and she is our world.

Modern Mom: Did you always know you wanted to have kids?
Lori: Yes-I always wanted to be a mommy! I could not imagine my life without my daughter. She makes my small family complete!

MM:Describe your daughter in five words?
Lori: Adorable, loving, Curious, Sweet and Cuddly.

MM: Being a brand new mom, what surprised you the most about motherhood?
Lori: What surprised me the most was the instant LOVE between mother and child. The minute I held her I knew I loved her more than anyone in this world and I would protect her forever. I was also so surprised at how motherhood changes you. I'm 100% not the same person I was before I was pregnant and I like this person better!

MM:Was it hard when you had to go back to work?
Lori: It was extremely hard. I remember crying about a month before my maternity leave was over."OH NO- I have 4 weeks left, tear tear" Knowing I had to return to work made me enjoy every second with her even more! I didn't want to miss a thing! I was scared she would forget about me and think the sitter was her mommy.
MM: How are you and little Emily adjusting? 
Lori:Emily is adjusting well! She has the luxury to be home in her own surroundings while I'm at work and I believe this helps her being away from her mommy for most of the day. I miss her terribly all day long and run home to see her! I'm home all weekend with her and we are inseparable. Mondays are hard for both of us, but we manage. The best part of my day is going home and seeing the look on her face when I walk in the door.
MM:How is daddy taking to fatherhood?
Lori: Daddy has exceeded my expectations. I keep asking him if he has another child somewhere-he's too good at this! Their bond is admirable and I'm blessed to have him as the father to my child! We love him!

MM: How excited are you for her upcoming first birthday?
Lori: VERY! Allot of people say she will not remember this birthday and it should be small-yada, yada, yada! It will be a BASH! My baby deserves a party every year- she's amazing!

MM: What is the best and least thing you like about being a mom?
Lori: The best thing is the opportunity to be her mother and guide her through her life and be the best mother I can be! The least, would be not being with her during the day... I know some mommies will disagree with me but I would LOVE to be a stay at home mom.

MM: any advice out there to new moms that are just starting back to work and trying to adjust?
Lori: My advice is to stay strong. It's hard but it gets better. A good sitter is #1, you need peace of mind while at work. You will not concentrate if you're worrying about your child. Use your free time carefully and don't feel guilty if you need a night off here and there. I'm still struggling with that part!

I know exactly what Lori is going through, I remember when I started back at work and I had to take my Layla to my mother's house, I literally worked right across the street and I would call 100 times a day just to see what she was doing, I would go at lunch to check on her and I would get jealous when she did something new and I missed it. Plain old GUILT!! It happens to the best of us, we just have to remember they will never forget us, and we are doing what is best for them. In the long run they know who their Mommies are! 

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