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I love sharing my little piece in this blog-o-sphere to showcase other moms who I feel are great at what they do. I maybe a bit biased with this weeks selection for the Mommy Spotlight because she is my cousin Damaris! Damaris and I have a great and unique relationship, I feel that if we would have not been family we still would have found each other in this world and became instant friends! We were destined to be in each others lives. She is fun, smart, caring and all around awesome! As a mom, she is amazing! She is what I call a warrior mom! She is up early and late making sure her kids want for nothing. She is at every football game, every dance or band recital, she is at every parent teacher conference and she makes sure that every teacher, school administrator or anyone that has something to do with her kids has her number, email and knows exactly who she is! If I had to pick one negative thing to say about her that she broke my arm when I was a little girl... LOL YES DAMARIS I WON'T LET YOU LIVE THAT DOWN!

Modern Mom: Did you always want kids?
Damaris: Yes.. I really just wanted one but god blessed me with two.

MM: Describe your kids in five words? 
Damaris:Funny, Smart, loving, caring and hard headed.

MM: How is it having kids so far apart in age? 
Damaris: Umm... its a bit hard, especially when you have a boy and a girl. They really can't do much together, it's a seven year age difference.

MM: How is it now that they are mostly all grown up?
Damaris: Well now it's even crazier because one is too old for the other. My two kids are different, Junior is so gentle, calm and cool. Mikayla on the other hand, is very daring, rough, strong and not afraid of anything.

MM: Is it bittersweet next year your oldest graduates high school?

Damaris: Yes, don't remind me, I can't believe I have a 17 year old graduating high school and on his way to college. He has been a great kid and a young man. He has worked hard to be where he is and is ranked 15 in his Junior class out of 255 students. He has been on the honor roll since freshman year. He manages to keep his grades up and be an athlete at the same time. He is a "smart jock". He loves football, but he sees the big picture and he wants to be a Marshall some day. He is into Criminal Justice. So we support him in anything that he wants to do with his future.

MM:Are you ready to let him "go" meaning out to the real world?
Damaris: No not really, here I going to say it, Junior is my baby and it's going to be very hard to let go, I know I have to do it but it will be hard.

MM: How is your husband handling all the changes?
Damaris: Well.. now that Junior is getting older and wiser at times it gets a bit tough for Eddie Sr., especially when they don't see eye to eye, Junior sometimes forgets he is the son but his dad makes sure he puts him in his place and reminds him. They are like best friends, they go deep sea fishing, paint balling every year and they make sure to have there father and son days! Eddie Sr., is a great father to both our kids, he is very proud of there accomplishments. 

MM: How do you deal with adult issues, i.e. the sex talk, relationships, being responsible with your eldest?
Damaris: Well his dad had the sex talk with him a while ago and so far so good! As for relationships, he has a "girlfriend". She is a very nice young lady, she is respectful and smart. The best thing is her parents are just like us when it comes to rules and discipline, I have to call and ask permission from her parents if he is going to take her out and her mom calls to let me know that she is coming over. Now you know how my kids are around their elders, there is no disrespecting. The first sign of disrespect they get slapped upside the head. I have no shame to say it, if I have to spank them I will! I don't play LOL!

MM:Any advice for other working moms who are dealing with teenagers getting ready to leave home?
Damaris: Well I think parenting does not have anything to do with a mom's having a job or staying at home. It is about her determination to train her children, to be mature, responsible and  behaved individuals.

I can't even imagine Layla and Ava being 17 years old and getting ready for college! That just brought a tear to my eye! Its very difficult raising teenagers, I know I was one! There are many parenting styles and I am a firm believer that discipline is very important and having a firm hand is something that I struggle with my own children. I sometimes lax when it comes to being firm. I am learning! These days I have noticed that simple manners in our young people has kind of fallen to the waist side. The days of Hello, excuse me, and thank you are slowly disappearing. We need more parents to instill these values in there children and to drill it into them at all cost! I hope you have enjoyed this edition of Mommy spotlight! If you have a mom that you would like to nominate for a Mommy spotlight please Email. 

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