Friday, July 1, 2011

Road to my License!

Yes, I am 31 years old and I don't have a license! I know, I know, but I was born and raised in one of the greatest cities in the world, and it has an extensive metro system, so no matter where I wanted to go there was a bus or train that got me there! I wasn't one of those people that wanted to turn 16 to get a permit, I never really was interested in driving. I must admit it kind of scares me!

As I got older I just found it easier to have my husband drive me, and if he couldn't drive me or whatever I know how to get around, I never let me not knowing how to drive to restrict anything I have to do! Even with the girls there are times my husband and I want to do different things or our schedules don't match and I have no problem taking my daughters on the bus or train to get them where they need to go! But now I am getting older and my daughters are needed to get to more places than before as we start filling their schedules with activities and Layla starts school in September. So it is time for me to get my license. Good lord, baby Jesus! Me with a license and driving, I never thought the day would come!

So I decided that with my next paycheck I would go down to the nearest department of motor vehicles to take my permit test. I only told a few people including my husband because I just didn't want to look like a dummy if I didn't pass, even though everyone assured me that it was a very easy test. I found my  visit to the DMV a very pleasant one. I wasn't there too long when my number was called to go stand on the line for the test. I looked in the test room and mostly everyone who was my age was taking the test for a CDL license not a learner's permit, but who cares I can hang with the 16 year old! The DMV worker took my paper work took my picture, gave me my test form and the sheet with all the road signs that you have to know how to identify and I was told to take a seat and start whenever I was ready. As I took my seat I must admit I was a bit nervous but hey I GOT THIS!

I really did HAVE THIS! When I fixed myself up and looked at the test I realized I had nothing to worry about! I had read that damn manual a million times and taken the online quizzes a trillion times! As I looked at the first question I was confident that I would pass, so I answered all my question got up and handed my test to the DMV worker, I waited a few more minutes when she called my name and said sign here you passed! She said it so nonchalantly, where were the fireworks, the balloons, I wanted it to be like when you win on a game show!!!! Where is the ticker tape parade, I mean this was a huge deal for me! I decided to do something that I been talking about forever and I actually went and did it! Well she didn't give me a parade, just a nice little side smile when I proclaimed "really wow thanks". The rest was paper work! I signed my card, took a small vision test, paid the fee and was on my way!

The first person I called was of course my husband who was surprised! He couldn't stop texting me wow and saying that he was so proud of me and when I meet up with him later on in the day he continued telling me how he couldn't believe that I actually did it! Wow I guess I really dragged this out a bit too long even my own husband didn't think I was going to go through with it. Oh well I did do it and I am proud of myself!

Now he wanted me to put my mom where my mouth is, I got my first driving lesson as soon as we got home. Once he parked the car he instructed me to come to the driver side and pull out of the space and go around the block. Layla and Ava in there car seats, he said you are going to have to learn with them, you will be driving them around! OH GOD!!!! IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING, I AM REALLY DRIVING! Layla sees me in the drivers seat and start clapping and saying " Go mommy go, you driving". It was an OK lesson, I brake too fast and I am a bit scared! I made it around the block but I got freaked out when someone honked at me cause they were trying to get around me! Our car is old and the parts don't really work like they use to including the drivers seat. It is hard to adjust it and my husband really has it for his comfort so I moved it as much as I could but I still feel out of place so until the next driving lesson! I will keep you guys posted! I guess an old dog can learn new tricks!! LOL



  1. You and I are in the same boat. To think before this year that I didn't drive at all and now I can. It's a great feeling. No more fantasizing about driving myself to Ikea and not having to rely on anyone to get me places. By this time next year, I will be doing it for myself! And so will you!!