Thursday, July 7, 2011

Holiday Weekends and Ear Infections!

I had so many plans for this holiday weekend!!! The first major holiday of the summer and I wanted to kick it off right!!! Not only to do something for my girls but lets be real I needed some time myself out in the sun! The weekend started out perfect my boss let us out at 2pm I was at my mom's house before 4 and I just wanted to meet up with my girlfriend and plan something we can do with the kids that wouldn't break the bank because did I mention I was on a tight budget!!!! That should have been sign number one that this weekend would not go as I planned. Sign number two my girlfriend was hard to find!!! We kept missing each other on the phone, so it was hard to plan anything. When I reached my mother's house to pick up my lil' ladies I was told that Ava was running a fever! GREAT!!!!! of all things that could happen. I know what a fever means for Ava it means an ear infections she has been battling these ear infections for months now and I was not only getting tired of it but also very worried!!! Ear infections are serious business and can lead to hearing problems that can lead to developmental delays!

She was warm but I didn't think it was enough to fuss about so I gave her a little bit of Tylenol and put her to take a nap thinking she would be fine! Boy was I wrong!!!! When she woke up she was not only hotter than she was when she woke up she was throwing up and crying uncontrollably! When I was able to take her temperature it came in at 103.4 the highest I have ever seen it! So off we were to the emergency room! We spent the rest of the night to early the next morning in the ER so they can tell us again that she had yet again another ear infection! This was number 6 in as many months! So we were advised to take her to a specialist! A SPECIALIST!!!! I dread that word! This means that its something that can't be easily fixed, my child's problem is bigger than I thought!!! She needs special attention! The words a parent hates to hear! You try your hardest to protect them but sometimes things are out of your control!! So clearly my holiday weekend was drastically changed for now I had a sick kid on my hands!!!!

I still was determined to do something this holiday weekend, so I set my eyes on Sunday!!! My husband did not have a baseball game scheduled so I hatched a plan to do something local and he would stay with Ava and I would take Layla out, well I guess it was just not meant to be, because when we woke up it was raining!!!! RAIN ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! First I had an ear infection holding me back and now mother nature!!! I guess it was just not meant to be! But you know how it goes with kids once you tell them you are going out it's hard to explain that the rain stopped us from doing something, so I decided we were going to make it a movie day and just relax in bed and have fun in the house, which Layla was completely OK about, I asked her if she wanted to help me make breakfast, she looked at me surprised because I am such a worry wart when it comes to the kitchen that I never let her get near the stove her dad is the one that plays "Little Chef, Big Chef" with her, so she was extremely happy when I told her that we would be making pancakes!

She had a ball helping me mix all the ingredients together and then after breakfast we were off to watch Kung Fu Panda, and Despicable Me! Two movies that I must say I have seen over 100 times each but hey whatever works!!!!

When it came to Monday I had just given up hope to do anything I woke up early like usual because I just really can't sleep in with two kids so I try to wake up early and make myself my coffee and relax even on a non work day because I just know they will wake up soon calling for me to do something!!! When I just happen to text my cousin Leslie and Daisha just to see what they were doing for their day off! Leslie tells me that she was driving to the beach and that if I called Daisha right now I could get a ride with her!!! Could it be, could I have been granted a reprieve and finally make it to the beach??? I called my cousin and she tells me if I could be ready in 40 minutes we could be on our way! I ran the idea to my husband and he was more than happy to stay with Miss Ava so that I can take an excited Layla to the beach and we were gone!!!!

We made it to Long Beach in less than an hour and finally we made it to the beach! I couldn't believe it after all that had happened this weekend, Layla and I were at the beach having a great time with family and friends! Layla had a ball playing with her cousins in the sand she is a bit scared of the water which is something I am working on little by little so stay tuned to see if by the end of the summer I can get her to actually stay in the water without throwing a fit! Other than that I was so much fun! I must say New York has some great beaches!

She had a great time and I actually had a great relaxing day at the beach we were there enough time for her to have fun for me to have some adult conversation and company and we were both content to leave when we did! Here's to a summer of trying new beaches in NY and fun things to do with the kiddies!!!

P.S. Ava is doing much better they put her on a new antibiotic that we had to go to 6 pharmacies to find but it worked right away and now she has an appointment with a specialist at the end of this month so I will keep you guys posted on her condition, hopefully I will be able to take her out with me to beaches and parks and not worry about her getting water in her ears!!!

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  1. I'm all late, but I'm glad you got to have something go right that weekend. I know how it is when you plan to do certain things and it just ends up not working out for whatever reason. I'm also so so happy that everything worked out with Ava and her ears are 100% perfect!!