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A few weeks ago I got my first set of sponsors and now they have a bit of real estate on my blog on the far right of my space. They are Sandra Ayala Photography and Ladybug greetings by Shelly behind these businesses are a set of moms that I must say kick ass!!! I love it when people find what they love and go for it and these two moms did just that and bonus they found a way to make there passions into businesses that make money!!!! So for this week Mommy Spotlight I have a double feature I would like to introduce you guys to two enterpreur moms that took what they loved to do and took a chance a created their own businesses!!! I introduce you to Sandra Ayala and Michelle Sierra. 

Modern Mom: Did you always know you wanted to have kids?
Sandra: I didn't think I wanted to have kids until I met my husband over 17 years ago.

MM: Describe your kids in five words?
Sandra: Precocious, social, loving, beautiful and stubborn!!

MM: When did you realize that you loved photography and how did you turn it into a business?
Sandra: Well, I have always known that I loved photography. As a kid I was chasing my older brother and trying to help him compose or pose his photos; from our very first 110 camera to our 35mm film one. In 1008, my husband and I were watching TV and I saw Ashton Kutcher in a Nikon d90 commercial. I must say that it was love at first sight. I turned to my husband and asked him to get it as my Christmas gift. He did and that is when the learning began. I taught myself the camera, the editing software and the rest is history. I launched Sandra Ayala Photography in February of this year.

MM:How do you juggle it all?
Sandra: As every good mother knows... it is sometimes very difficult to juggle everyday life. I do it because I have the support of my husband, mom and family.

MM: Any Advice to other moms out there trying to turn their passions into a business?
Sandra: My advice to other mothers out there is to "Go For It". Don't be afraid to dream it and make it a reality. It might sound cliche but it's totally the truth. My mind is still reeling over my decisions but in a good way. I am a wife, mother, registered nurse and professional photographer... you can't get any better than that.

Modern Mom: Did you know you always wanted to have children?
Michele: Needless to say I had my first child rather early on in life and it wasn't anticipated but I did know I wanted him to have a sibling so I waited three years and had number two. They've been a handful and given me a roller coaster of emotions through the years, but in the end being a mother has given me a inner strength and determination to strive for the best life has to offer for my two boys.

MM: Describe your boys in five words?
Michele: Do you really want me to be honest? LOL, just kidding, what mother isn't boastful about their child? They are handsome, articulate, talented, opnionated and comical.

MM: How has it been doing it on your own?
Michele: Going through a divorce with a three year old and a seven year old while trying to maintain sanity was not easy. Two years after the fact, I decided it was time to cut my losses and move on to a fresh start for me and my boys. So I took a leap of faith, sold everything I had including my hom and moved out of state with no friends and family. I never thought I'd still be a New Englander eight years later, but I have been fourtunate in the sense that I have two jobs, (in this economy) blessed with a beautiful home and able to provide for my boys without any assistance and I get to expose them to a different lifestyle then the constant hustle of city life. On the flipside, being the only go to person and no one around to lean on has been extremely difficult and trying. Dating is almost impossible because who has time to meet anyone on the kind of workd schedule I have, so I've managed to stay single for eight years! I just keep telling myself my day will soon come. The boys, well I should say young men, are no 18 and 15, so they are fairly independant now and I have time to dedicate to my new venture, personalized greeting cards.

MM: When did you realize that greeting cards was your thing?
Michele: Well I've always been big on party planning and decorating. A year ago I helped a friend of min with her daughter's Quincaniera (Sweet 15) and I made all the invitations myself because she wanted a specific jibaro theme and let's face it, you are not going to find anything like that in NH. After people saw the invites many asked if I did cards professionally and I said no. I didn't think much of it at the time. Then this past Mother's day I made cards for family and friends and people started requesting cards and it just took off.

MM: Any advice for other moms when starting on a new business venture?
Michele: Don't underestimate yourself. Things can seem overwhelming at first, just go at yoru own pace, set up a plan and a budget and try to follow it as best you can. Get the word out about what you are doing because word of mouth goes a long way. Visit sites like Vista Print where you can get free business cards, stationary etc. Stop by local flower shops, bakeries, business owners and ask if you can leave your cards and talk to them about what it is you are doing, it doesn't hurt. Depending on the project, see if you can buy wholesale, search coupons, do what you need to do to get on your feet and be savvy about it. Remember, you don't have to start off big. Most of all best of luck!

You can find Michelle's creations at Ladybug Greetings.

Both these moms took a chance on something they loved to do and started out their own businesses.  They juggle their day jobs, being moms, and wives and find time to follow their passions. I hope you guys click on the icons under the sponsors tab and visit these ladies they are great at what they do and I must say a true inspiration! If you have a mom who you think should be featured in Mommy spotlight please drop me a note at My Email 

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