Sunday, August 7, 2011


Nine Loves: There are many things that I love for this challenge I narrowed it down to nine!!!

1. My husband: I know this is typical but, he is truly the only person that gets "ME". He is my for lack of a better word, "soul mate" or "best friend". He has been there for me when no one else has. He is the only person that get me upset to the point of screaming and the only person that can make me happy with just one look. I get giddy when I see him. I do love all his crazy antics. I love being needed by him, and him needing me. He adds to my life in so many ways, that the team that we created is something that is undeniable in every way.

2. My daughters: Yes other typical thing but, I have to admit I really didn't really know what love was till I had them. They are everything and anything. They are who I have become. They are the reason I strive to be the person that I will become.

3. My family: My family is big and loud, and all over the place. But no matter what anyone of us is at in our lives we always manage to come together in times of need, in times of celebration, in times of whatever. We may not always be together but the bonds of family are strong. I hope that I can continue our traditions with my own children.

4. My Bosco, he is my dog. He was for all practical purposes my first born. My husband got him for me about two years before Layla was born. As our family grow, he grow with us. You have to see him now with Layla and Ava he is their caretaker, their playmate, he is their brother, or like Layla likes to call him her "Dosco", LOL she has problems pronouncing the B in his name!

5. I love writing. I always have. I stopped a while ago and just straight gave it up, not sure why, never can really pin-point that but now that I have found it again, I can't seem to stop. I love the feeling that I get from it. Seeing my words on the screen or on paper it gives me a rush. Reading the feed back that I get from people, saying that they enjoyed what I wrote, that something I wrote helped them or made them think. Now that is powerful.

6. My sister's dedication. I love her attitude, the way she always achieves her goals, or just tries her hardest. I lack that! If she says she is going to do something or try something she does. She doesn't bullshit or psychs herself out if at all she just tries and I admire that so much!

7. I love a dark quiet room. I hardly turn on lights in my house. Most of the time if I can help it you will find me on the corner of my couch with either the light of the computer or TV on. Maybe it's because when I was younger I suffered from terrible migraines and the only think that made them feel better was the dark, but there is something of just sitting in silence that brings me peace.

8. Bargains!!!! I love to find a bargain and I love to share it!!! I hardly ever buy something if its not on sale. I search the Internet for a promo code or something to at least get something off the price!!! I don't like haggling but I do love a great sale! I use coupons when ever I get them, I try never to pay full price!

9. I love the 80's. Anyone that knows me knows I am stuck in a time warp. I love 80's music, movies, TV shows. I love big hair rock bands when guys wore tight spandex pants, make up and big hair!!!

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